Ipod updating library takes forever

I don't believe it repairs anything on the device as such.

You could try deleting old backups if you feel this message is taking too long to disappear.

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My timing shows the interrupted recovery to take twice the time of a normal sync completion but usually less than a minute either way.

I think it's part of the backup process i Tunes does for your i Pod/i Phone.

I would terminate the sync and use Image Capture to retrieve the photos.

You have a much faster import to get them to a folder and then you can also delete them and perhaps isolate one bad photo that hangs or just break up the transfer.

I think the coordination between i Photo 9.5 and i Tunes may be buggy.

One issue is that when I plug it in, i Photo opens to copy photos off.

Your computer i Tunes is waiting for the i Phone to "fix itself" and clean up from the interrupted sync.

The mobile i Tunes database (and I'm sure several others) will need to be rebuilt to clean up after an interrupted sync.

Tried all the other things like deleting the i Pod cache folder in the Pictures folder, rebuild the i Photo Database and all.

These did not work and i Tunes stranded on the "Importing Photos" step. I had to change to the ~/Pictures/i Photo Library directory and then use the following command to remove the cache: rm -r i Pod\ Photo\ Cache/ Use the tab expansion feature of the shell to get the above command line quickly by typing rm -r i P [tab] to expand the command line.

Once you have all the photos off, you could delete a problem photo or two or just clean up the camera roll and try syncing again in i Tunes.

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