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However, it’s voice quality isn’t as good as the Sound Sync Drive’s and it costs more.

While it will work for voice calls, this FM transmitter is best suited for music streaming.

The design allows you to see which station you’re tuned to and manually (but easily) find a new one if necessary.

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In our testing, it consistently provided a radio signal as strong as or stronger than any of its competitors.

It doesn’t have auto-scan (the capability to automatically tune to what it believes to be the most open station in your area), but it does have an easy-to-turn tuning dial that we found worked much better than any of the auto-scan features we tested on other units—we were able to find a better frequency manually. In fact, after doing a side-by-side comparison with a direct aux-in connection, my ears struggled to hear a difference.

Speakerphones are super portable and come the closest to creating a true hands-free-phone experience, making them ideal for phone conversations.

The better ones, like our pick, also include a built-in FM transmitter and the capability to control music, answer phone calls, and send text messages without having to touch your phone.

Most FM transmitters are only so-so at best, but the Flex Smart X2 is actually good.

If you don’t have an aux-in jack, and you value call quality over music streaming, get the Motorola Roadster 2 speakerphone.We would prefer it if it turned on and connected automatically, but the Anker’s superior voice quality and lower cost ultimately won us over.However, if you prefer automatic connection (or if you need the ability to pair two phones at once), we have a pick for you, too.We recommend the Anker Sound Sync Drive as the best overall solution for most people—as long as you have an aux-in port, it’s the way to go. If you have an auxiliary-audio input (aux-in) jack, you’re in luck, because aux kits are the most-reliable and best-sounding way to add Bluetooth to your car.We recommend Anker’s Sound Sync Drive because it has great sound quality while playing music, and sounds more intelligible during phone calls than any other model we tested.This can be tedious, but it’s common for battery-powered devices.

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