Invalidating query cache entries key

When the development mode is enabled, certain built-in tools, which facilitate the development of CDI applications, are available.

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Every application built with Wild Fly Swarm has a many configurable options.

In all cases, reasonable defaults are already applied, therefore you do not have to change any options unless you explicitly want to.

Migrating existing legacy applications to benefit from Wild Fly Swarm is simple when using fraction auto-detection.

If you enable the Wild Fly Swarm Maven plugin in your application, Wild Fly Swarm detects which APIs you use, and includes the appropriate fractions at build time.

Currently this is only supported by fractions that are part of the core Wild Fly Swarm distribution.

In the event that your fraction is merged into core, you will want to possibly also support auto-detection.

The background-validation-millis element specifies the amount of time, in milliseconds, that background validation will run.

Changing this value can be done only on disabled datasource, requires a server restart otherwise The blocking-timeout-millis element specifies the maximum time, in milliseconds, to block while waiting for a connection before throwing an exception.

Wild Fly Swarm is a framework based on the popular Wild Fly Java application server to enable the creation of small, standalone microservice-based applications.

Wild Fly Swarm is capable of producing so-called file that includes everything you need to execute your application.

In addition to that, the YAML strategy provides grouping of environment-specific configurations, which can be selectively enabled when launching the application.

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