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The scenarios are very realistic, and there is no doubt that the paddlings are as severe as you will see online when it comes to the use of a school paddle.The pictures and animations from this post are from the last two cheerleader paddlings in their member’s area.

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Intimidating get a heavy swat to give up

Cheerleaders are the very visible faces of a school and represent them at most school events and activities.

As a result, within all cheer squads, there is a set of rules that they are to abide by, beyond those presented for the rest of the school population.

When a properly sized school paddle is applied to her bottom, there is definitely direct contact with the skin.

Trying to apply a paddling over a pleated cheer skirt would provide far too much padding for a proper lesson to be learned, so if some of the paddle hits her bare bottom, all the better.

She also knew that she may have picked the wrong day, and the wrong outfit, for such a punishment.

Her bad day got much worse, and quickly, as he told her that she would be receiving four licks with the paddle for direct disobedience towards a staff member.

This lowered the maximum number of swats from six to four, which was a little more limiting for the vice principal in charge of discipline, but his hands were tied when it came to district policy.

However, there were indeed moments in time when he needed to be a little creative in the interpretation of policies. She was sent to the VP during her 5th period class with a disciplinary referral in hand.

In addition, over the course of this incident she used vulgar and profane language in the classroom, directed at the teacher.

This was clearly a situation in which a hard paddling would be required.

In the cheerleader discipline section in the member’s area of, there are currently 48 separate scenes.

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