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Cool colors are all derived from shades of blue, also known as cool hues.

The easiest way to remember what cool colors are, is to think of what colors would best illustrate a cool temperature such as greens, violets, light pinks, etc.

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Both can actually be the same exact color of pink but are just at different levels of saturation. Tertiary colors are the colors that are made from mixing secondary colors together along with primary colors.

Some tertiary colors you may be familiar with would be orang-yellow, green-yellow (lime), orange-red (coral), blue-green (teal), etc.

However, these basic elements of color theory are more than enough to get you by and help you understand color relationships. These four elements are used to create the color your eyes see.

Saturation, not to be confused with any of the previously mentioned elements, refers to the intensity/vividness of the color. These colors can not be formed by mixing other colors together, but can be combined in 100 ways to make every color imaginable.

There are a ton of different color combinations out there.

From prints and patterns, to color blocking, accessories and everything in between there are so, so many ways to utilize these combinations.Because of this not only are they the simplest color combinations to create, but they’re also the most bold.An easy way to add a complementary color combination to your outfit is to start out with a primary color as the base for the look and then wear its complement in your accessory choices.They literally go with everything and anything, and can be used to slowly integrate color into your wardrobe by pairing bolder color combinations with them.Once you have a general idea of what the color wheel encompasses, you can begin to combine the colors together.It’s important to note that when creating an analogous color combination that you should choose colors that have enough contrast between them, whether that be through shade, tint, tone, etc, so they’re not overwhelming.

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