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You have had your blind date with the girl with whom you've been chatting for a while now. May be you guys are now speaking frequently on phone and perhaps you would meet again.

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Are you feeling a little jittery as to how would your first meetings be with your date? There are certain guidelines that you can following, which is going to make you relax. This is somehow the crucial part of the whole affair.

How our first date meetings would be is determined by what we are expecting out of it.

Barnes agrees, and suggests a bit of yoga, which combines the benefits of movement and meditation with deep breathing and whole-body stretches. Instead of immediately reaching for a glass of wine, take time to slow down, breathe, and meditate (if that's your thing), Chrisler says.

You might find that a deep breath calms your nerves better than the rosé ever could.

If you're trying to self-medicate the nerves away, that feeling might "escalate into a panic when you finally arrive on the date," Chrisler says. Own your nerves."If you get nervous, say you're nervous. It's important to be honest about how you're feeling, instead of trying to pretend that you're cool as a cucumber.

Being upfront about your nerves might actually make it easier to connect to your date, Chrisler says.

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It's just that I'm super awkward and prone to nerves that make me want to stay in my bed forever. I've gotten the same type of texts from friends before their first dates. So, fill the blank up with goals like "have fun" and "be myself." Then check in with yourself at the end of the date, and celebrate whatever you did to make your intention a reality.

It's not so much that I change my mind and suddenly don't want to hang out with whoever I've set the date with. (Hey, it happens.)Ahead, we've talked with two New York City-based dating coaches, Lindsay Chrisler and Donna Barnes, for the tips you'll need to nail that first date and calm the butterflies. Just remember to choose something you can succeed at, no matter who your date it.

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