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It wasn't until after I dropped her off at home that I missed some layups.For example, she was cold - even said so out loud and had a jacket on - as we were walking back to my car, me in my slightly inebriated state wasn't thinking too much at the time made a wimpy move and just rubbed her arm/back for a quick second. There is a reason why he is inexperienced at the age of 25, that's pretty old for a guy.


It's what I'd say to a guy if I didn't want to see him again.

And, the last guy I dated suggested the second date at the end of the first ...

Our date was for coffee; it was a Saturday morning.

We ended up being in the coffee shop for 2 hours - he seemed kind of surprised (in a good way) that we were there that long.

Turns out we'd both parked our cars over the road in the car park of a shopping centre.

I mentioned that I'd probably have a look around the shops before going home, seeing as I was there.

If he's inexperienced, make it obvious or strongly hint that you like a man with a plan. Is there anything fun you've been looking to do/check out/see?

" Hopefully that will give him enough to come up with ideas or you can just be forward and say "I really like it when a guy plans the night out".

If you've dated a shy/inexperienced guy, give me some tips!

Thanks I'm an "inexperienced" guy myself (Still have not had a girlfriend all my life - I'm 25), but that's probably going to change soon.

He said he might too, and so we walked around the shops together for about an hour.

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