Amatersky sex chat - Inexperienced girl dating experienced guy

I'm kind of conflicted and just curious what everyone else here thinks Thanks. I would keep it to myself unless you are getting more into a relationship and going to be intimate toghter.For just dating and meeting new ladies, no need to be upfront. It only matters to the people that think it matters.If you want lots of sex with lots of different people, it's out there, jump in.

My question is basically would any of this play against me in any way?

Obviously I'm not just blurting it out, I just don't want to make it awkward by telling a girl this and would feel like I'm hiding something if I didn't.

It might be an issue for some, but I wouldn't be overly concerned with something such as experience or the fact that someone I was dating was a virgin. I don't give specifics like who or how old I was at the time. Before I lost my virginity, I used to tell women that I was one and it produced negative results. OP if you have any sexual experience, use it to your advantage.

Women want a man with sex appeal, knows his body, and how to use it. Do you want one who treats sex and relationships like the candy of the week, or are you looking for someone who has waited to find something more substantial?

Even if you don't say anything women will still pick up that you're inexperienced by how you behave and act around them.

I also wouldn't say you're a virgin right off the bat either, wait until your relationship is fairly solid before you bring it up.

Just get yourself a couple of practice girls, or a bag of oranges.

Seriously, though, don't sweat it, no one knows but you. Some women I tell them that I lost my virginity in high school, others I tell them I lost it in college. It cost me a couple of really good sexual experiences that never came because of my honesty.

Just be open to meeting new people and always be prepared for safe sex. Learn what you can by reading, but it is really something you have to pick up with practice. I'm three years older than you, and I still have friends, female and even male, who are virgins.

Mrs FAt your age having experiencing kissing is more important. If your partner is a virgin, it won't even matter if you're inexperienced.

Any jitters you have on your very first date, could easily be attributed to the fact that it's your first date with THAT person, and they may be feeling the same way.

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