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(AP) — Some Native groups travel around the United 1® Arnericans are planning protests this Slates and Canada, meeting imd , yea r to mark the 500th anniversary competing. At his invitation; members of 55 manchc from nctcher, Okla. Jumper .said, ‘The fish drum group played and sang for 3n Constitution is based on Iroquois their own pleasure. The former Lo.s Angeles Lakcre star is taking the medication j.

Three-fpurllts of the deficit- is ac- Ml billion U. Dorothy Strunk, who previously workw on the mmoritystarroi- the House Education and Labor Committee, will become acting as- sistant secretary starting Jan. who announced earlier this week he is leaving the post.; • • h SEMINOLE INDIAN RESER- Many of the dancers and drum VATION, Ra. ' .u L, ,««.ii/.«ri«n "What I want from this eventis to found at home.

wi C ^ trade, the way you do that is to specific proposals for reducing the number of American-made cars im- through. Briefly Indians plan different Civil servant named to OSHA post "Columbus observance WASHINGTON — A woman who served 24 year« as n Republi- can aide in Congress before joining the Occupational Safety and ■ Health Administration last fall was named acting director of the agency nn Friday._ ' - . She is considered the leading candidate to permanently replace OSHA director Gerard Scannc U.

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Daniel’ Santovenia Fernandez and Pedro de la Caridad Alvarez Pedroso. to verify the source Doctors found no immediate health of theradiation.

TTuba, has identified them os ^uaidbf.'Dihz.-Bcinn Co Urt.

“i tell them I don’t trust them to west of the wilderness and six teach all their children should Irnow told what condoms are and how to; tributaries, including Meadow on the subject of AIDS and . ■ ^.i 'I Creik, Moose C;feek: Bear Creek; Running Creek, Indian Creek and in Twin Falls last month, dozens fooljjroof,^ with s^c stu^iej I the Little Cleanvater Wver. The National Weather Service says high pressure Cloudy todoy with a chance of snow showers., West remained over the Intermountaln region Friday, but was jj 25 mph. Tonight a movingslowly to die east chanceof snow showers early. Lows In Ano Jin wmlher syilcm .ppro«chmg from ihe Paeire High, naar 30. Jhejiyenige was 4.9 Idaho 21 — Boise-Idaho City, icy • percent w Bpou; Idaho City-Banner Summit icy “In 199(L wc had a really hot spots, broken snow floor. Ashton, dry: Ashton-Montana line, une„jpioyn,gnt rates fluctuated quite percent, 8.4 percent.

‘ icy spots; Fairfield-Corey, dry; Arco- jjj „jl •• December 1990 were: . Idaho Falls, dry, icy spots; Idaho Falls- Although the Magic' Valley’s • Ponhandle, 9.9 percent, 9.3! Si73“*'oftheweckpnwhich_le Sln Miec*'ri.l**» , per week; dally.

injuring 55 people, ihc Naiional Transpmtalion Safely Board said Friday .

g S Fall School District’s HIV/APS *elr ef Tcctivcn^^^^^^ and-Humiiii Sexuality Curriculum yaler if people Itnow how to tied Idaho road report committee thaubsilneneeshould be ‘■'“i" P™P'rtlf' ~ tbe oornoratone of tbe diatrlcfs ^'Sibdless of Jo cpn Mve^^ nniq E f API — The Idaho eumculurn .

This system will increase ihc chance of precipitation over the region, bringing some gusty wnds to the areas. of parents told members of the Twin showing only a 75 ? Stanley reported theeoldeat nt 6 snow *owen nnd north winda to 25 mph.' Cold Utah- Gradually dccreaaing fog with a chnnee of mow ‘*^|j®;^^5^Hora^oc'^c^-New rate. the hla Kst tatnoeretare with fair aides tenight., Smmy'md Wl™Sp^y: Highs" Idiho 55 — Horseshoe Bend.

each wear- *' JJ* " •-Treal' 5 niff‘ftp 6 sir 6 ^or Tfl 6 l 6 gica|-sa^^^^^ can s who had died al war. Victor Weedn-, chief of the Armed Forces Institute of r r - • , .

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