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Typically, animals are depicted in a slightly twisted perspective, with their heads shown in profile but with their horns or antlers painted from the front.

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In 1979, lascaux was added to the list of unesco world heritage sites, together with another 147 prehistoric sites and 25 decorated caves located in the vezere valley of the correze and dordogne regions famous carbon dating examples .

The unique copy of a greek grammatical text composed by herodian for the emperor marcus aurelius in the 2nd century, preserved in the Österreichische nationalbibliothek, vienna.

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Not long after its opening in 1948, pablo picasso paid a visit and was amazed at the quality of the cave s rock art, saying that man had learned nothing new since then.

(see also the magnificent bison paintings at font de gaume cave in the perigord famous carbon dating examples .

To compare lascaux with australian art, see bradshaw paintings (kimberley), ubirr rock art (arnhem land), kimberley rock art (western australia), and burrup peninsula rock art (pilbara).

The mondmilch (moonmilk) gallery between the nave and the chamber of the felines, is the mondmilch (moonmilk) gallery, named after its milky-coloured stalagmite encrustation. All the classic prehistoric animals are pictorialized here in a swirl of major works of art: the great black bull, the three chinese horses, the falling cow, the fleeing horse, as well as more aurochs, more bulls, bison, ibexes, and horses.

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