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We just added a couple of new glass Prostate Stims and a new Vice Vibrating Progasm on the Prostate Stimulation page and some new toys to the Glass & Silicone Insertables section, including this amazing Silicone 3-way insertable vibrator! Post Halloween, many, many recuperating still from Super Storm Sandy and election week... ) that big ol' full moon is gonna make you feel some wild energy! we've been feeling it all week here, so that 09/23/2012 Little bit distracted by the Folsom Street Fair [San Francisco's premier fetish, bondage & kink street party! but doing our best to add more goodies for our impatient naughty patients, Docs and Nurses! So we "decorated" the front page with our lovely Nurses, Ivy and Victoria, as Zombies and Vampires ~ "Ghouls just wana have Medical Fetish fun! Anal Play Books Catheters & Cath Kits CBT / Cock & Ball Toys Clinic Equipment Clinic Supplies Clitoris Pumping Kits Cupping Sets Electrostimulation Enema Equipment Gags & Blindfolds Hitachi Magic Wand & Att'mts Hoods & Muzzles- Leather Insertables-1 Insertables-2 Insertables-Glass Institutional Restraints Kinky Kits & Combo Sets Latex & Rubber Lubricants & Shave Creams Medical Restraints Mummification Nipple Toys Nipple Pumping Kits Pegging Penis Pumping Percussion Play Prostate Stimulation Pumping Products Pumping for Breasts Pussy Pumping Restraints Restraints - Black Leather Sharp Objects Shoes - Fetish & Ballet Sounds Sets Speculum Spreader Bars Stainless Steel Toys Strait Jackets Uniforms - Outfits Vibration Toys Videos Violet Wand Kit The day of the sacred fires for purification, rebirth ... No wonder the 'marketing geniuses' of our day came up with "May = Masturbation Month"!! Books and bags become the focus for the avid student, especially so for nurses! Now we are in high gear to add more fun to the summer's electrical storms! and if you can sneak away from all of that, get thee to a hidden room and have some good old American kinky times! 12/02/2013 We are officially kicking off the Holiday Season... Just click on any item (no, no, sorry, you can't have Nurse Roxy!! We've been very busy adding more medical fetish, mischief and mayhem for March...

Our leather Sensory Deprivation Hood and Black Leather Muzzle are back...

This plugin allows you to export images from Lightroom directly to any album at Facebook that you have permission to add to (albums in a personal account, business page, group, etc.).

What better way to get some 'fire' going than to add some Electro-Sex fun to your play toys? *[lost much of our productivity the whole month of February due to Flu hitting our Staff ---- Nurses with coughs and blowing their noses is not a pretty picture! Let the ghouls of gyno, devious Docs and Naughty Nurses administer instruments of CBT and/or anal play ... throw in some Medical Fetish for those last days of summer playtime! there are absolutely mind-blowing savings on some really rare medical fetish latex items! Wishing all of you the very best that a new year can bring! when we soooo look forward to those four days off (well, some of you get that!! We offer a few consolation prizes for when you do finally get your ? By the way if you have not already got a copy of "Daddy: A Memoir" by the talented Ms. and as a reminder that we do have a twisted view of what 'freedom' represents: the CBT and Cock-n-Ball Play gear page is updated with new Chastity and E-Stim things! perfect for another kinky summer of hanging around ... but being good Nurses, we try to heal every situation! So many requests for more fun gear after the Pegging library page was such a huge hit with our Facebook and Twitter fans! our new front page reminds you: "Medical Fetish doesn't have to cost and arm and a leg! Then on to the CBT: Cock & Ball Toys section with a few Male Chastity Devices... Inventory replenishment was coming in as fast as the UPS, Fedex and USPS trucks could get out of each other's way in the parking lot! Just added the nasty Electro-thruster to the TENS accessories...

Need some helpful new ideas for your own way to enjoy Masturbation Month? ) of these offerings: Rechargeable Masturbation Sleeve , Hydro Max Water Penis Pumping System, Myriad of Magic Wand Vibrators and Attachments and a Plethora of Playful and Powerful Sex Toys! First day of Spring (or Fall, for our Southern Hemisphere patients! Institutional Restraints, Braces and Hoods There's so much more here to discover, too... there's nothing that a new Complete Neon Wand Kit and Case or some Electro-Sex Toys can't cure! ---- and NOT the fun sort of Medical Fetish we like!!! stand up for your right to be kinky, sexy, fun and exciting! just open your trick or treat bag and add some Medical Toys!! This week was just like a summer roller coaster ride, that's for sure! and as the old rule goes, if you don't, you will get pinched... Take a look and see if you can grab 'em while they are there... Always ready with some great ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out Nurse Victoria's devious delights with her sentiment, "It's all fun and games, until someone gets hurt. So many changes happened for us 'behind the scenes' in 2014 and now we look for this 2015 to be a year of fun, gratitude and exciting new fetish-ventures! We've been updating and adding and making more merry for everyone... check out all of the new fun you can have with CBT Toys and some Magic Wand magic, Penis Pumping ... ) but you have to deal with being nice-nice with the family, feeding your face with foods that makes you sleep like the dead, yet all the while you are secretly craving a romp and tie-up in the bedroom/dungeon! ..bondage gear and insertables and anal toys should work nicely! what we may really want more than anything else is some alone time... This is definitely the favorite time of year for us here at Medical ... So everyone have a great l-o-n-g hot, steamy time this weekend ... for a bit of sun protection, be sure to use your beach umbrella -- which makes a great Shibari rope-tie scene, too! Since we take every single customer experience so seriously, after this week's encounter with a customer who purchased . Start your summer with medical fetish fun and always r --- it's the beginning of a l-o-n-g weekend for the USA... Also, Nurse Laural added more of her informative video series for ... however, Mother Nature is still dropping snow here and there... take advantage of our sales, our great Doctor/Nurse play ideas, medical bondage and information to make this summer one for the kinky record books! We also want to honor all of those who are remembering someone they lost. " More mischief for the CBT lovers: new cock cages and chastity devices! then over to the Gags and Blindfold section with a Mouth Guard Gag and a Leather Ball Gag (leather stuffed ball!!

When run in Lightroom 3 or later, there is support for Publish, though limitations at Facebook make it important to understand the Facebook-specific caveats in this feature.

See the manual for Publish to Facebook for details.

App Permissions and Missing Albums Due to how Facebook enforces your privacy settings, you may upload only to albums whose visibility is not less restrictive than the privacy setting you've chosen for this plugin app. Availability This plugin is distributed as “donationware”.

I have chosen to make it available for free — everyone can use it forever, without cost of any kind — but unless registered, its functionality is somewhat reduced after six weeks.

It makes for a hassle every couple of years, I know. Added a bunch of token filters: F2D F2S F2X B2D B2S B2X S2X A2D A2S A2X Updates to the data templates that my plugins understand: updated the Keywords token, added Collection Names and Collection Full Names tokens, and added a bunch of stuff (KWf, CN, CFN, CNf, CFNf) to the token.

Better handle some character-encoding issues related to template tokens.

We are all still in shock and deep sorrow of losing such an unparalleled creative force in the community, joining all of his grieving friends and loved ones. and if you haven't played Doctor or Nurse in a while, get some accessories for the clinic ... In case you are one of the many who 01/31/2013 Last day of the first month... Like we said, this is the year we commit to be the wildest ever and so far...

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