Hot women over 40 dating Chat fb fuck buddies

holy cr*p, she looked MAYBE 30, was drop dead gorgeous and she had a 31 year old son.I will never say I look young again after meeting her.

Naturally, people who don't neglect their health, teeth, etc are going to appear more attractive to more people, but what is the real answer?

Interesting Q because at this age, a lot more should have "already gone wrong" in many people's eyes.

This thread question implies that 40 is old or something.

Maybe a 40 year old don't look like a teenager, but it certainly doesn't qualify as even beginning to get old yet. Just like the only thing that changes when you turn 30 is what everybody feels about 30. You're still just 29 1, and 2 whole decades away from "actual old".

Just from my point of view, I would like to think (or hope at least!

) that it is less about jeans size and more about how open your mind and heart are.I feel ancient LOLI love confidence in a middle aged woman. If she dresses smartly, walks and talks with confidence, isn't afraid of starting a conversation and has some intelligence, she's sexy to me!!I'm attracted to curvy women, so take the above with the voluptuous assets that middle aged women usually have and you go from a sexy 40 woman to a HOT 40 woman!!Many 20-something women are out of shape, have horrible skin due to tanning, smoke, party, wear garish makeup, etc., so in comparison, I don't look too bad.Everyone and their brother will note that confidence is indeed a turn-on, but I's also like to point out that FALSE confidence, or hubris or whatever you may call it - does NOT work.They loose the sexual inhibition and taboos from the past.

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