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Tlnix the Heathen failed in doing good works, in tint the filings which they did, fbrfubftancc and matter were good and commendable, being done upon civill arid honeft rcfpe&s, and referred to the com- mon good ; yet in truth their ndions were nobetter then fins of omimou, in as much as they ifliicd from corrupted, foimtaiiies, liearts void of fiiith ; and aimed not at the maine end, and (cope of all humane aftious, tlie honour and glory of oorc, and all manner of laickan- he'd,. Udonr I lie ^ ^ ( & third is, the finne of Owesfie*, by the 1 lr.iclitcs m f- j ; ■ } ' (lynt, at tlie hand of v Lruo, and his task-mailers, l ie fourth, is 4ii J t J s mcrcilcfle Injutlicein wrougfoll wttlilioldnig and detuning the , 7 . Slimes againft the bodic, arc thofc in which it fclf is not oliely the initmment, but tile tiling abulcdalfo. This done, a Second care muft be lad, that tin* for finne be notconhifed, but a diftinft forrow. And men in tins i ,,aud nnttoenlargc the fame to all the poltcntje of Adm. / V » J J bed nefe, unto the Lord and thou forgave ft the pmtljhmtnt ofmy fame. Whether it be U* full to txa fl an Oath of him, * 50 Whether a man may cat* in tlx lime of dfoltmne Faftl ij 1 Whether ad he bound to keeps the for me preftribed, in t he in} of afo Umnc Faft ? Secondly, when a man perfbrmes the duty injoyned, but ftilcsliotliinthc manner and meafiire thcreof. And fitch are all fiimcs, adultcrie onely excepted. nt.es, hut prin- cipally for me very offence of Godpn & by their (ins commuted. % f ^T,h K tfo his forrow in refpeft of liimc, may be diftinft, and Ll vt as i wc^ to finite particular head. Hence it it that there be- ing cvcnm one and the fame will contrary inclinations, there mull ncccflarily flow from the man regenerate, contrary : uni- ons ; the fled tin every ailiott, willing that which is cvill,and the Spit it on the other fide, that which is good.

my that have bin m % or rvorfeiaje then himfelfe 11 .

a 1 3 y tee ana ware /nag c,j v no n: * war* Whether any man, ejpecia Hy a Minifier, map With good cohfii- encefie in perfection ! A tiling to be obferved die rather , bccaufe the very ncglcft thereof, hath enufed lundric perfons, to remameun- comforted formany yeares. Tourthly, the write diftreffed muft never be, ire tell of any feare Ml accidents or of.

* C willfiilliicirc, and hui^Uiiucflc of mans near*. Now follow otliei' Differences of finne in regard of the ob- jert thereof, which is the law.

whether a mu* may With good conftience nft Policy in the ° Whether a m An may defend himfclfe b) La* ? 1 his Paul tonlcf- fed and acknowledged, upon bis ownc experience, alter his con- vetfiun Chap.

Thus the cvill Conlcicncc, Hell, and Death arc good, bccaufc they arc ordained of God, tor the execution ot itis /utlicc, liovvfocvcr in thcmfclvcs and to us they be cvill. and unchangeable witdomc of God revealed in the Morall Law, aviicrcin it is commanded; and thingsas they arc therein commanded to be done by God, are good morall] .

Tilings againc do take unto them the condition of Goodncffe, not oncly by creation, but allb by Gods ordination, whereby they arc chrcftcd and appointed, to fomc ccrtainc ufes and ends. Befidcs tiiis gcnerall and naturall goodnclle, there is alfo a tpfciall or mor/ill goodnclle jtropcrly to colled: audit is that, which is agreablc to the eternal!

j - Whether an an Oath byfilfi Gods, be a true Oath 1 _ ^ 32 3 Ho* can Godf*eare by himfelfe, feeing none can *ititeffe nnto him? 1 »8 Whether a man is bound to k etp an Oath taken bjfdfi God,? This diflin Clion is the rather to be Imowne and remembred, bccaufc it fcrvcs ro extenuate or aggravate finnes committed. Secondly by commandcinent :fo/)«W fin- ned in the inurtherof pri.u. TIms Saul finned inltetping the gbfinents of tbem tint ftrtndd'. • ' *• lotlrt pmvo- atioo: thus they finite that provoke others to finite, and here- of Paul fbeaketh when he faith fathers mulhsot provost heir children to wrath. Scav Cnthly by winking at fumes or piling them over by Height reproof, Eph.5. Thus flu hiniad m rebu- king his lonncs, and thereby brought a temporal! Now this man be- ing brought by fomcont ward erodes and aftliftiolis, fo fee his owne milcrie, purpofeth withlrimfelfe to rctumc to Ins father againc, and to humble himfolfc, andconfcfie his iniquities and upon this very purpofc whenhe had laid; 1 mil get to my father Lult ij.i Jnd/ay mo him father I have ftmted,&eh t hisretitrnc afore off, his father receives him as hischilde after acceptation (olio . The like is fo be ftcnc in David, who being raproovedby the Prophet Nathan, for Ins (nines ot a- vfom.i ilulterie and imrrtiicr.prefcntly made a contortion of them, and -it the very fame time, received of the l’rophct fcntcucc of ab- folutton, cvcit foom the Lord fiimfclfe wherein he could not C The fourth Ground T» love any man becanfe he it a Chriftian, and a childt cf Gtd Jr a fenfible andeertain note of a man that is par- taker of the true love of Godin Chill. Iehn)we b»n» that We, me t ran fated from death tolife, becanfe we love the it T a mmifa 1iif flmrr lnvr V f MK Vt C uttnjwenj " "V' J '• \ brethren.

3*3 Whether in the Form of an Oath,, i man may not fireare diretl- ly by creatures, and indire illy by God? Ho* fine forth doth an Oath bind, and is to be kept ? Ami hilly, though other fiimcs in their kind do firing alliamcanddiiho- nouriipon the bodic, yet there is none that fittetb lb nigh, or Leavetb a blot fb deeply imprinted in it, as doth the finite of tmclealmelio; ■'■ ■■ Sett. Tlfo eight diflinflion nf finnas is grounded upon Pauls ex- hortation to Tymothie : Communicate not with oilier mens pallet. Tin M-* 1 ' Sill nes-arc either other mens fiimcs, or C-oinmunication with other mens linnes. rfrltby connlell tints' Caiphat finned when he gtivfc counfell to put Chrifl to death. Sixtlw by flattcric, when men loath up o- thers in finite. Take a further proore of ibis in the prodigafl tonne, whoiri I take not for one that was never called or turned f God,(t Iwngh fomc doc fo, and iceme to have warrant for their opinion:) hut rather forhiif wat is the Cliilde of God, and afterward falls away.

* • *3° Whether an Oath‘s xtorted by fraud bindeth ? And our faviour Ghrilt faith , He that receivtth a ?

1 1 9 Whether aman is bound to keepe that Oath, upon taking Where- of there enfucth damage? Love here is not a caufc, but onely a figne of God love to us.

Ho\' fitrre a m An may With good conftience defire and feehe Riche si 3°5 1,6 a. J, yyhat is the Uigemtnt that one is to give and hold of another! Now the contrary ,o harmony, or tbc dilbrdcr m mulicke, is none oftlic two former; but he third, namely the difeord, which is the want or abfcnce of harmony, which wc call Jiflarmtnj, In thefamemanner, the finne £ t Um , is not the ahlencc either of the fobftancc ^ of the fact 1 - tics of the foule and the body, but the want of the third thng ■ befbec namediand that is, conformity or cortcipondency to tne Will of God , in regard of obedience, but lome may fay, the want ©f conformity in the powers of tlie S oulc, isnot fume pi o- Chap. For as this want enters in, and is received into mans nrtture, it is properly a want or abfcnce of goodnelfe ; againc after it is received into the na- ture ofman, it continuesand abides iu the powersand faculties thereof; and lb it carries the name ofan habitc. ] Bookc p in the firlt conception and birth is indeed afiiiner. finne, not to be the corruption of nature alone, hut Admt lirll offence imputed, with the fruit thereof the corruption of „ ltil rc, which is an inclination unto evil), derived together with nature from our Cu rt Parents. Now follow the Differences thereof, which arc manifold, lhc firftfutarc to be gathered horn the Gillies and beginnings of (nine in man : winch arc . Volume m:„ in the next place, (mites befide the will arc fitch, as arc nct- thcr dircdly from tlte will, nor againfl it.

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