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150227 480p Aspect Ratio Concern - Most 808 480p cameras have a 640x480 image sensor (aspect ratio 1.33) but the record AVI video file is scaled to 720x480 (1.5). Use Crystal Disk Mark to measure the 512K random write speed and if it is less than 1.0MBps, don't use it.

For objects in the video to be played at the correct aspect ratio, the AVI file must be scaled to aspect ratio 1.33, i.e. #16 (starting at US$37) seems to be the best 720p version. A 512K random write speed of 1.5MBps is recommended.

Prices are typical for cameras delivered from a seller in China to the US. A very slow card can sometimes lower the video quality.

120703 - 808 cameras are now available from many US sellers with good prices and faster delivery than China. #3 (about US) seems to be the best 480p version. 150227 - 480p BUYER BEWARE - The 480p H.264 camera being offered on e Bay does not exist. If the camera data rate is more than the card can write, a data overrun can occur.

808 camera producers do not have a "customer service department". Inspect all the components for foreign matter, broken wires, bad solder joints or parts that have broken off.

A random-write-512K speed of 1 MBps or faster is usually required, and faster than 1.5 MBps is advised. Difficult things to try that require the case to be opened (two screws).

I received email from many other 808 owners, thank you, who described how the electronics and functions of their 808 were different than mine. 150729 BUYER BEWARE - 720p H.264 description, 480p MJPG delivered. Insufficient RAM buffering to reduce data overruns at the SD card.

I started enumerating and documenting the many versions and this website grew. I select micro cameras to review that are 40 grams maximum. e Bay #301687375162 was ordered in Germany and an 808 #27 480p MJPEG was delivered. If a camera has a 480p image sensor it is not a 720p camera. Poor quality control in badly soldered hand-soldered parts.

I ordered one and received an 808 #25, a low quality MJPEG camera. I submitted a "not as described" dispute at e Bay and got a full refund from the seller. The overrun might cause an increased missing frame rate or other problem.

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