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This trope can be diametrically opposed to No Bisexuals, which assumes that a given character can only be either heterosexual or homosexual with no exceptions; or cut down in the middle 50/50 in terms of attraction.

A likely requirement for any non-bisexual person in a relationship with a Gender Bender. In the case of a homosexual pairing it can result in a limited form of Last Het Romance if the relationship sticks.

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Attractive hermaphrodites that want you to understand them and admire them for who they are.She then begged the Gods never to be parted from him.As a result, Salmacis and Hermaphroditus were bound together, creating one body with both male and female organs.When this trope is deployed between, for example, a straight man and a transgender woman, it has Unfortunate Implications for what the authors think of her gender. Compare Single-Target Sexuality, Even the Guys Want Him, Even the Girls Want Her, Stupid Sexy Flanders. Create Your Personal Profile and Enjoy Instant Access to Local Singles Who Just Happen to Have Both Gender Identities.

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