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Our wound dressings are indicated for the management of moderately to heavily exudating wounds and to control minor bleeding.

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An understanding of the impact of other treatments and co-morbidities on the production of exudate is also necessary.

Exudate management is relevant to patient quality-of-life issues as it is often associated with leakage and malodour.

The company produces collagen dressings in sheets and powder forms.

The collagen sheets are produced in various sizes to meet the need of different types of wounds.

Sanguinous exudate is fresh bleeding, seen in deep partial-thickness and full-thickness wounds.

A small amount may be normal during the inflammatory stage, but we don’t want to see blood in the wound exudate, as this may indicate trauma to the wound bed.

In addition, the company produces transparent collagen sheets, giving physicians a clear view when examining the wound without the need to lift the dressing.

The collagen powder is very effective in creating and maintaining a close contact with the wound bed, particularly, in tunneling wounds or wounds with uneven contour.

The management of wound exudate requires the clinician to have an understanding of what it is, why it is present and how to monitor and assess it accurately.

The production of wound exudate occurs as a result of vasodilation during the early inflammatory stage of healing under the influence of inflammatory mediators such as histamine and bradykinin.

Let’s look at the types of exudates commonly seen with wounds. It’s normal during the inflammatory stage of wound healing and smaller amounts is considered normal wound drainage.

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