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He finally confessed to me that, since the auction, he realized he could get 12 times the price I'd paid.

Later they have another ceremony at Temple Israel in Los Angeles. Martha will consider the marriage the best thing to ever happen to her.

gives up her hilltop home and moves into the Wallis house on South Mapleton Drive.

Martin Klitten, who sold the home to her in November 1959, files suit in Santa Ana, California, claiming she owes the firm that holds the first trust deed $590 - the June 1 payment - and that she failed to pay a $67,770 payment due June 30 on Klitten's second trust deed.

Klitten and his wife Russellia demand immediate occupancy of the home and say they could rent it during the summer months for $1,000 a month. after filming Mistress of the World for a German company on location from Hong Kong to Paris, she says she likes wine foreign but men domestic.

her friend actor George Nader escorts her to the Academy Awards ceremony at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood and to the Academy dinner party afterwards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

When the winner is Wendy Hiller, she tries to be a good looser but, at home she cries all night.

call every day for My Man Godfrey, isn't going to let this interfere with her romance with Dr. She'll plane out to spend the weekend with him." columnist Harrison Carroll tells: "Although her titled Polish admirer Jean Pontiatowski arrives in Hollywood this month, Martha Hyer assures me there is nothing serious between them. That's all there is to it.' Martha also dates George Nader and attorney Richard Mark.

'Long distance romances never work out,' says Martha. The most exciting thing in her life right now, she says, is the prospect of moving into her new house when she finishes Houseboat at Paramount." is reported president of the Hollywood Bachelor Girls Club.

is among Conrad Hilton's celebrity guests at the Nile Hilton opening in Cairo, Egypt.

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