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Waitressing gigs paid her way wherever she went and fed her compulsion to experience new places and people. Whatever money she managed to accumulate on her own through waitressing she used to expand her wardrobe.She’d rather go hungry than wear outdated or worn clothing.She worked from time to time as a waitress but she never kept a job for very long. Gordon Fickling Short had a particular fetish for men in uniform.

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When she arrived in Hollywood Short didn’t venture into the heart of the famous town.

Instead she loitered on the shady outskirts, meeting friends who hung out in bars Short was always broke. This didn’t make her a shady character; just young and immature as many people are at 19 and 20.

Vallejo California At 19, when Elizabeth discovered her father was very much alive, she wrote to him and asked if she could travel to Vallejo and live with him. Cleo agreed and sent her $200 for her expenses, however this arrangement soon soured.

Elizabeth refused to keep up her end of the agreement, sleeping all day, ignoring the chores that needed to be done, and staying out all night.

This development traumatized Elizabeth who, for many years, believed he was dead.

Actually he’d faked a suicide and moved to Vallejo, California. Muriel, Short’s sister, was two years old when Cleo left.

As she sashayed down the sidewalk in peep-toed heels, she held her head high, primly aware of her effect on male passersby.

They gawked, they whistled, they offered to buy dinner. They paid for her meals, bar tabs, rent, clothes but in return she seldom offered any “favours.” Over the next couple of years, Short drifted back and forth across the country, taking trains from Medford to Chicago, to Florida, to California and back to Massachusetts again.

All of these have been used to describe the quiet, pretty girl from Medson Massachusetts.

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