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We sold our Malibu house, paid the taxes, paid off a loan, paid for our wedding and we’re now OK. My husband now hides the rest from me — just so I never do that again.” Recent story about a lady ducking class, ducking exams, not passing grades yet getting a diploma and graduating high school? Long back sewing, making your own graduation dress, was required in Home Ec. So, despite high marks, high average, high IQ, skipping terms to graduate early at 15, I could never get my high school diploma.

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If he had been allowed to compete in Russia in 1980 (the year America boycotted the Moscow games), it’s likely he’d need an even bigger mantle. He was the first diver in an international competition to receive perfect 10 scores from all seven judges.

With more than a dozen additional awards (including world championships) under his belt, Louganis remains the most decorated diver in U. He was the first to receive 700 points in both diving events in the same Olympics. “No, there is always something to challenge yourself,” he says.

So I became a mat maid, ball girl, and statistician for the boy’s wrestling, tennis, and baseball teams, respectively.

In high school, I swam, ran track, and played volleyball for a hot minute, but I wasn’t really good at any of it.

New location for their Madison Avenue Furs is 118 W.

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Tough childhood, tough time coming out sexually, tough accident, tough time financially — still, he never drowned.

And at a young age, a gay kid who didn’t know what gay was.

In 1984, Louganis won gold medals in both the springboard and the platform — something no Olympic diver had done since 1928 — with record scores that towered above his competitors.

It was clear to everyone that the teen prodigy had matured into one of the greatest athletes in diving history.

’s Tracy O’Neill perhaps best described what he looked like flying through the air back then.

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