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So let’s add this into the model and you get something like this: Are governments, companies and organizations in competition with one another? Due to the finite nature of our ecosystem all these actors need access to the same or similar resources as one another for either their livelihood, or even for basic survival.

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Terms like Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be quite misleading in their current ‘trend’ of up and coming business practices.

Everyone was buzzing about whose CSR reports were more detailed and in-depth than others.

Let’s say you are in the water bottling industry, and you survey a fresh water source, and calculate the total potential output of that water source until depletion.

The moment that depletion occurs, even in 50-100 years you must realize that that resource is no longer available.

Let’s say you are out to survey a new area to gather or extract resources.

Chances are that you are going to find your best soluation of true costs (those externalized hidden numbers) by collaborating with surrounding communities that might be affected by your interests.

Yes, environmentally, people may be the worst thing that happened to the planet, but it is also the best thing that ever happened.

That is because we have an incredible ability to identify with our surroundings and understand implications, both negative and positive to our situations.

So now you have to go look for new sources of fresh water to use.

The same examples can be found in all primary and secondary industries (by the time you get to tertiary or quaternary industry, you sometimes tend to forget or not care where the raw material came from, or how it got to you, rather only that you got the best deal for your money).

The term, externalities refers to invisible costs that are not related to the acquisition of resources or related to market demand.

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