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Growing up together, Bai Qian Rui and Xin Hai Jing never saw one another as more than friends.

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Spokesperson Zhou Xun and her husband Archie Kao, Rainie Yang, Ariel Lin, heiress Aimee Sun, Annie Chen, Godfrey Gao, and more attended.

Rainie Yang wore a deep V-cut sexy dress and laughed while stating that she was scared to expose herself.

Set mainly in Singapore, the story follows the homecoming of Nicholas Young, who’s in town for the highly anticipated wedding of his best friend Colin Khoo to model/hotel heiress Araminta Lee.

Nick is bringing his American girlfriend of two years, Rachel Chu, to the wedding.

Brenda Song as Peik Lin Goh, the youngest daughter of the new money Singaporean Goh family and Rachel’s close friend from Stanford.

Why: Song can call upon her Disney days for the over-enthusiastic spunk it’ll take to play Peik Lin, one of Rachel’s few allies in Singapore.

Ariel said that she did not meet up with Rainie at the backstage and did not discuss this yet with her.

She also said that if Rainie had a new romance, then good for her, but she did not know if it was true.

See full summary » In a family of six children, Tao-Hua (Cyndi Wang) is both the youngest and only girl!

Her four eldest brothers, Chen Chi (Ken Zhu), Chen Cheng (Chun-Tian Lan), Chen Chuan (Sphinx Ting) and Chen He (Godfrey Gao), attempt to smother any chance she has at a love life by setting impossible rules with respect to suitable men.

After watching a documentary about "retired" high jumper Tso Yi-Chuan (Chun Wu), Lu Jui-Hsi (Ella Chen) is so determined to meet him that she disguises herself as a boy in order to transfer...

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