God design for christian dating

Equipping a New Generation to Live Out God’s Design This thorough study of the Bible’s teaching on men and women aims to help a new generation of Christians live for Christ in today’s world.

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I've been reading this book with a group of ladies from church as we explore the key passages in the bible that address women.

We've all benefited from Claire's clear logical walk through of each passage and explaining what each passage means, along with the issues some have with each passage and then addressing them.

Smith is even handed in dealing with the Scriptures and acknowledges the counter-arguments and addressing these.

She carefully examines each passage in the light of the whole of Scripture and acknowledges the few instances where the passage is not perfectly clear, but outlines the best understandings of that passage.

Worth a read if you're thinking through what it means to be a christian women!

Smith respectfully and biblically walks the reader through the key passages concerning the difference in gender roles within the church and within a marriage.The warmth and simplicity of the book means it will benefit every Christian - whether you have looked at these passages a thousand times, or you've never thought about them in your life.- Publisher Although Claire Smith was a young adult when she came to know Jesus, it wasn't until she went to theological college that she noticed parts of the Bible that challenged her feminist views.This will be a rewarding book for those interested in and passionate about this issue, The subtitle of Claire Smith's book, God's Good Design, is "What the Bible Really Says About Men And Women" and it is an accurate preview of the book's content.Smith engages with specific Biblical texts that deal with the roles and ministries of men and women, devoting an entire chapter to each passage.The book is engaging and easy to read without being "light and fluffy".

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