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' Once you get a couple of guest spots, it really perks up your appetite for appearing on television." If you're still at the I-want-to-find-out-more stage, check out a copy of Peter Baker's Making It as a Radio or TV Presenter, an energetic, encouraging romp through the basics of broadcasting, from another insider.Useful sections include lists of company addresses, fine-tuning your voice and "personality", and buying studio time to make a showreel tape.

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You were the champion custard pie- thrower at university?

OK, let's get you interviewed on a television show about custard pie-throwing!

Becoming a TV presenter requires serious commitment and homework, if you're to be something more than the next Huffty. Former BBC Breakfast Time and TV-am guru, one of the most experienced producers in the business, and husband of Anne Diamond, Hollingsworth these days runs a company called Venture Artistes, which represents up-and-coming television talent.

Hollingsworth is also able to advise people in the midst of flourishing alternative careers when they want to make the move into television: he is currently working with PR Liz Brewer (receiving tips, right, from GMTV's Eamonn Holmes), whose recent appearance on BBC2's The Fame Game generated a raft of possibilities.

It gets a little bit weird—and a little bit depressing, too, depending on what stories, and which sides, you choose to believe.

Tom Cruise's first marriage, to the actress Mimi Rogers, ended in 1990 after three years, resulting in no kids.

"Until you've done TV," Brewer muses, "you don't realise there's an awful lot you need to learn." Hollingsworth is able to draw on his vast knowledge of the business to groom his clients and make them more marketable commodities.

"What presenters need constantly is feedback about how well or badly they've performed," Hollingsworth says.

Hollingsworth notes that a live tape has one important function. Of course you look beautiful in the mirror, darling, but...

"After 30 years in the business," Hollingsworth says, "I still can't say with 100 per cent confidence if a person will look good on camera. So the question is: do you want to do things to camera?

Assuming you're a young buck (or doe) with a head the size of a planet, Hollingsworth will sit you down and tailor you a strategy.

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