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It was overtaken in the region by Islam in the seventh century—frequently by military incursion, commercial trading, and the nonviolent missionary efforts of merchants.Persian and Arab merchants introduced Islam in East Africa by trading in coastal towns up and down the eastern seaboard.

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Ghanaian adult dating sites

Furthermore, African cultural practices contain elements of indigenous religion.

Thus, traditional African cosmologies and beliefs continue to exert significant influence on Africans today.

By using local languages and converting Africans from their ancestral religions to Christianity, missionaries paved the way for early modernization and Western colonialism.

Western colonialists negotiated and drafted treaties with African leaders, stripping Africans of their lands, depopulating the countryside, destabilizing their economies, overturning political rule, and uprooting cultural and lineage continuity.

In the fifteenth century Christian missionaries became the first wave of Europeans to invade and occupy African lands.

They relied on the backing of European medicinal remedies and colonial military power.Islam was readily adapted in many instances because of its compatibility, or at least tolerance of, traditional African religions.By the 1700s Islam had diversified and grown popular.Africans integrate this religious worldview into every aspect of life.Although a large proportion of Africans have converted to Islam and Christianity, these two world religions have been assimilated into African culture, and many African Christians and Muslims maintain traditional spiritual beliefs.In particular, both Islam and Christianity have affected the practice of African traditional religions.

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