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The cause of vitiligo is unknown and stress can worsen the disorder.

Vitiligo can be treated by applying steroids and using ultraviolet light. Michael Jackson always said that he had vitiligo and that the condition was making his skin lighten in patches all over his body.

Other famous people who have vitiligo include “The Jerk” star Steve Martin, “Arthur” actor Dudley Moore and comedian Joe Rogan.

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He is a great looking man but he has some problems with his skin called Vitiligo.

He has never been shy to share his illness and this shows how honest a person he is.

He has a whooping 1.3 million followers in Instagram and he addresses his followers by uploading his recent pictures to share them.

He is very popular in Twitter as well and has a great 1.84 million followers in the site.

It was never easy for him as he did not have any godfather.

He has been earning great money also and his net worth does prove that.

Currently he has not revealed anything on his girlfriend or the person he is dating right now.

His latest affair was one of the hottest topics of the town.

He has a resounding net worth of million dollars, which speak his success story.

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