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Hopefully, some other, younger mockumentary (Parks and Rec?

) will eventually fully explore what happens when the fourth wall breaks.

Thus, throughout its long autumn, The Office often came across as the shell of something once great.

(Perhaps this is why Ricky Gervais pulled the plug on his Office after only three seasons.)And so the end of The Office comes not a moment too soon.

The gambit worked brilliantly, and proved that a weekly television show could be the perfect medium to tell stories about contemporary work culture—for a while.

Set in Scranton, Pennsylvania, in the sales office of a nearly obsolete paper company, the show's characters at first didn't develop as much as stagnate.

Hopeful temp worker Ryan quickly discovers that his boss has little to teach him about modern business.

Stanley Hudson describes his approach to the workday by telling a co-worker, "This is a run-out-the-clock situation." The second and third seasons of The Office also meditated on the tribulations that arise when a group of people who occupy the same space out of necessity rather than choice try to form meaningful social connections.

In a culture where we control our own narratives through the curation of photos and status updates on social networks, it's no surprise that these modern, relatable characters feel violated by a camera crew wresting that control away.

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