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He was helping somebody move some rugs or something, and he got knocked over the bannister and he cracked his skull, and he wasn't any more good after that. So I came up on the campus in North Little Rock, pretty much.I was going to Catholic school and coming up on the campus.

I knew I wasn't going on board if I took something like that.

I was transferred to Vallejo, California, which was my musical experience.

["Liberty Records Press Office, Blue Note Records —Leonard Feather, 3/6/68," at ——— 1946: After graduating from high school at fifteen, Sam enrolled at Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins, Texas.

As a liberal arts major, Sam played the trombone in the marching band and the jazz combo.

That's when I started playing the tenor saxophone and so on.

[Ted Panken Interviews Sam Rivers, WKCR-FM New York, September 25, 1997 ——— After the death of his father in an accident in 1937, Sam's mother took a job as a music and sociology teacher in North Little Rock, Arkansas.After two or three years he abandoned the violin to concentrate on piano.["Liberty Records Press Office, Blue Note Records —Leonard Feather, 3/6/68," at ——— 1937-44: I was growing up in Chicago, but then my father had an accident, and he couldn't ... So my mother took a job at Shorter College in North Little Rock, and so we moved down there when I was about 10 or 11, I think [1933-34].During his years at college Sam switched to tenor saxophone because he felt he could express himself more fluently on that instrument...When his college days were over Sam came West to join the Navy and while stationed in California, he played many small concerts and dances.Sam began to play trombone at the age of eleven in the marching band of a Little Rock school.

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