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An estimated 11,538 — including bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree candidates — are eligible to take part in the exercises scheduled to begin the evening of Saturday, May 12. California State University, Northridge will confer honorary doctorates on entrepreneur and philanthropist Younes Nazarian and internationally acclaimed muralist and educator Judy Baca as part of the university’s 2018 commencement ceremonies.

A leader in the Iranian Jewish Community, Younes Nazarianserves as Chairman of Nazarian Enterprises, which maintains diverse interests in aerospace, manufacturing and logistics, technology, hospitality and alternative energy.

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The opening scene of the movie is Gosling, with hurried and excited voice, telling Berry: “We have to do something for the school!

” Beyond that, the story, the casting and pretty much everything else for the movie is up for discussion.

I'm clueless when it comes to the bar scene, and I don't know where else to look.

I'm a College student without much to do on break, I'm up for anything, and I would love to chat, cuddle, and be a bit frisky.

Just sayin' ok, I feel better now: You must put yourself 'out' there, but does that mean you have to be 'looking' every day all day?

Go to a place you enjoy being, most likely people there be enjoying the same thing.Are we really no more than our libidos or are we just so insecure that we need a guy wanting into our pants to validate ourselves?Anyway, I'm going biking and you are welcome to join me so as you leave my crotch out of it and wear a bathing suit for the swim afterwards.Continue reading about the 52nd Annual Staff Service and Recognition of Excellence Awards.More news at CSUN Today Summertime gives us an opportunity to take the chore out of emergency preparedness and make it fun for the whole family.Participants will learn about the most likely hazards in Southern California, how to find out if their home is located in a hazard zone, and what individuals can do at home to prepare for emergency and disaster situations and will introduce the concepts of family emergency plans and kits.

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