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And unless you know how to find and solve those problems that are rooted in the dynamic of your relationship, they’ll stick around, waiting to ruin your chances with him again.

If he contacts you (like he calls you, or texts you, or sends you some other message), it’s not breaking no contact.

But if you respond to him reaching out to you, that count as breaking the rule.

When you cut off contact with him he will remember all the good times you had together and the memories of the bad times will fade.

Remember, you don’t have to remind him how much he liked being in a relationship with you – he’ll notice all on his own.

If you’re still emotionally engaging with him, he won’t miss the love and satisfaction of being with you.

The saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is true – and this is the time for you to put it to work.

Shoot for about 10 minutes and then end the conversation with him.

The goal is to be upbeat, positive, and give the impression that you’re fine, everything in your life is good, and you’re feeling happy.

Showing bitterness or resentment is only going to drive him further away from you. When a guy gets out of a serious relationship, he’s not going to fall in love and find someone new right away.

Most guys don’t even want to get in a relationship right after getting out of a serious one.

Responding is the same as reaching out to him on your own.

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