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If a repair is impossible or unfeasible, you must then be offered a replacement.

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They must do this within reasonable time, at no additional cost to you and without causing any significant inconvenience.

If any inconvenience is caused you should be given a replacement item on a ‘like for like’ basis (and not simply the cheapest and most basic model).

There was power going to it but a blank screen, no boot up and just dead basically.

Before that I had noticed that it had been getting a little hotter than usual when I had it on my knee.

I got a quotation for the amount of £235 for payment for a replacement motherboard, heat sink fan and CPU (which had all become faulty), plus labour, shipping and VAT.

I contacted them to tell them it was under warranty as I’d only had it for 9 months and they asked me to email them a copy of my proof of purchase from Vodafone, which I promptly did.It can be a bank or credit card statement, although you may run into difficulties if it is for a different amount than that of the item you are trying to return.If the item is damaged, the shop cannot say they will only refund on the basis of a till receipt.If you do not want the seller to repair or replace, or they have told you they are unable to, you can then request they reduce the purchase price to an appropriate amount, although this does not affect your ability to take return the item if something else goes wrong Shops will often tell you they will only give a refund on production of proof of purchase.Don’t be misled into thinking this must be a till receipt.For most things, shops would usually allow you to exchange the item or give you your money back straight away.

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