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In the game students will create a car and customize it the way they like, it is a great way for students to be creative and express themselves through their car.

This app isn’t really educational enough to use in the classroom but i would suggest it to parents with young students.

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Clemmitt, in her article states the nature of the first computers coming into use in order to shine light on the original purpose they had....

[tags: Digital Education, Technology, Students] - Introduction Even though too much technology will cause the child not to think outside the box but look for other technology to bail out the child's thought process, technology does allow the child to learn quicker.

[tags: Education] - Standard 1 We downloaded "Create A Ride" from the Google store as our first app for standard one.

The first ISTE standard is all about sparking creativity and students expressing themselves.

[tags: technology, education] - Before delving in and seeing if technology has bettered our education in the 21-century, we should probably go back and explore how it originated.

Marcia Clemmitt, in the article Digital Education discharges that “Electronic computers were invented in the early 1940's and used as early as 1943 for a wartime educational purpose -- as flight simulators.” (Clemmitt 1012).Some of this online education software also allows for additional collaboration and learning tools.e Learning software is becoming increasingly important, and is nearly essential for modern education in the digital age.However, when this device is given a source of energy, it comes to life, and brings to its user access to entertainment, information, or communication....[tags: technology and Education, computers, internet] - Integrating Technology in Education Educational technologies are being utilized in every facet of school education.However, this technology is largely unrefined and as such, has problems; problems that can be overcome.

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