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STA-SAFE member and emergency doctor David Caldicott said ephylone is a stimulant that can cause circulation problems, lethal heart palpitations and hallucinations that can cause dangerous behaviour.

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The two people who bought the capsules were "extremely grateful" that the toxic substances were found, he added.

The tests were conducted mostly on pills and capsules with some powders also examined."We found a Polish toothpaste in one of them; we found arnica, which is a muscle rub; we found Hammerite paint [a spray paint used on metal]," Dr Caldicott told ABC Radio Canberra.

The ABC understands there will not be any pill testing at Groovin The Moo in Townsville on Sunday.

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"I also had like a risk stigma attached to using it — I thought maybe you would get caught walking out of there or something."Police vowed not to target the pill-testing tent, but the woman said she was unaware of that."There needed to be more information about what was happening and how our privacy would be protected," she said.

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