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The company is also facing scrutiny over whether it knew, or should have known, about Mr.

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Several women who have come forward with accusations said that investigators had not contacted them. Tantaros, a former daytime host, said that the former chairman, in one-on-one meetings, complimented her figure, asked questions about her dating life and requested a hug, making her uncomfortable. Tantaros said that Fox News managers dismissed her complaints, then demoted her. Tantaros was removed after publishing a book without previous approval, a breach of contract.“The real issue that makes women so fearful and so afraid is what comes next,” she said. Shine is a popular figure with some of the network’s veteran anchors. Shine, temporarily or not, could reagitate the newsroom just as the fall presidential campaign begins, with tens of millions of dollars in advertising on the line.

“At Fox, you have a company that not only sexually harasses, but is willing to empower its executives and use company resources to carry out ongoing harassment in the form of retaliation.”Complicating matters for 21st Century Fox, Ms. Tantaros said in the interview that she complained about Mr. Shine, who she said told her, “Don’t fight this.”Through a spokeswoman, Mr. Corporate governance and ethics experts say that 21st Century Fox and its board ought to have been aware of problems involving sexual harassment accusations at the network, as well as any payouts related to them.

Ailes, not by others, according to people briefed on the inquiry.

But the people have said the investigation is also looking at others who might have known of that behavior and not acted on it.

Officials at 21st Century Fox think that removing Mr.

Ailes sent an unequivocal signal — to employees and the outside world — that the company is taking harassment concerns seriously.

“If they had been aware of it, they should have investigated it years ago. Ailes forced her into a yearslong sexual relationship.

The board and executive team needs to dig deeper into the culture to root out the cliques and culture that allowed this to carry on for so long.”Of particular issue is a .15 million settlement that Laurie Luhn, a former booker at the network, said she received in 2011. Executives at 21st Century Fox have said they were only made aware of the settlement recently.

On Wednesday, when asked to clarify exactly when it learned of it, the company declined to respond.“One would hope that a million settlement for sexual harassment would flow up the line to somebody in corporate management,” said Kirk O.

Hanson, executive director of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University.

"This is the first time she’s kept the guy private,” the source explained. She wants to keep her personal life separate from her work life.” The insider then added that Alywn is "happy being out of the spotlight.” The "Bad Blood" singer is notorious for dating A-list Hollywood men from Jake Gyllenhaal to John Mayer.

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