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Some of the features included for registered members are moderation controls in chat, private messages, one on one cam shows, access to the tipping system, emjois, a profile builder and all sorts of other cool stuff you know you wish you were a part of.The second purpose is to create some point of further discussion — an icebreaker that provides a prospect with an easy topic to start a conversation.

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Flixster supports information about new home releases so you can read about them too.

The app is easy to use, and scrolling through menus is intuitive.

Sheldon threatens to break off their relationship when Amy refuses to adhere to the “bathroom schedule.” Also, Howard and Bernadette find unexpected guests at their house when they decide to stay home from a planned vacation.

Penny is surprised to learn she has fans of her performance in “Serial Ape-ist” when she attends the Van Nuys Comic-Con with Leonard.

Also, Raj and Stuart fight to be the most helpful during Bernadette’s final weeks of pregnancy. After Penny feels that Leonard is taking her for granted, she decides to go on a spa weekend with Amy, leaving Sheldon to play the unlikely peacemaker.

Meanwhile, Howard and Raj try to fix a squeaky floorboard in the baby’s room.

In order to continue living with Sheldon, Amy lies to him about repairs being made to her apartment; and they host an “on location” episode of “Fun with Flags” in Penny’s apartment.

Also, Leonard lets Penny decorate Sheldon’s old room after she learns that she has secretly been moving Leonard’s collectibles into storage.

When partners take a draw, distribution or a guaranteed payment, they must take out a gross amount of say 1K from this, they must set aside 200-300 (depending on your personal situation) to pay their own estimated quarterlies.

The universe of Leonard and Sheldon is endlessly complicated and hilarious as THE BIG BANG THEORY enters the tenth dimension!

Also, Amy hosts a Sheldon-style brunch at Penny’s apartment.

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