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Possibly means "born from the yew tree" in Irish, though it is possibly derived from EUGENE.

It was borne by several legendary or semi-legendary Irish figures, including a son of Niall of the Nine Hostages.

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M.)Tuesday 19th January: 8.00 - Michael Healy, Mount Gordon, Westport Road. Wednesday 20th January: 8.00 - Anne & John Lavelle, St Patrick's Ave & dec Lavelle & Cusack families.10.00 - Bridie & Nonie Loftus, Newtown. The course is free and the only cost is the books and notes.

For more information and to book a place, contact Fr.

The 7th-century Saint Columban of Leinster was the founder of several monasteries in Europe. This is the name of several characters in Irish legend including the hero Conall Cernach ("Conall of the victories"), a member of the Red Branch of Ulster, who avenged Cúchulainn's death by killing Lugaid.

Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Conchobhar, derived from Old Irish con "hound, dog, wolf" and cobar "desiring".

This is also the name of the patron saint of gardeners, a 7th-century Irish abbot who settled in France.

From an Irish surname, an Anglicized form of Ó Fionnagáin meaning "descendant of Fionnagán". This was the name of a character in James Joyce's novel 'Finnegans Wake' (1939), the title of which was based on a 19th-century Irish ballad called 'Finnegan's Wake'.

Mary Walsh, Mount Gordon & parents Thomas & Julia Ainsworth. Mary Athy, Ellison Street.7.00 - Rita Nolan, Dublin & Rathbawn Road. M.)Sunday 24th January: 10.30 - Nuala Ruane, Glenfort. M.) BALLYHEANE CHURCH MASS INTENTIONSSat 23rd Jan 8pm - Mike, Mai & Margaret King, Knockmoyleen & dec King, Keane & Quinn families. REST IN PEACE: Paddy O'Malley, London, brother of Michael O'Malley, Ballynew. Copies of St Paul's Sunday Missals available, cost €8.25. 087 7765811.*****************************************************Diocesan Directory 2016An updated diocesan directory will be on sale next weekend 23/24 Jan. All children welcome.***************************************************Parish Church Bookshop Pope Francis has made 2015/2016 the year of Divine Mercy.

Thursday 21st January: 8.00 - Rev Canon David Fitzgibbon, Mount Gordon & parents David & Elizabeth.10.00 - Special Intention. 10.00 - Tomás & Bríd Doran, Rathbawn Dr & grandson David Leonard & dec family. Mary Bennett, Claremorris, mother of Cathy Bennett, Ballinvoash. Kildare, husband of Patricia Cannon, Market Square.***************************************************Adult Catechism Studies will resume in the Monastery on Tues at 7.30pm. For info tel Liam on 087 2639726.***************************************************Reflection and Prayer on the Gospel and readings for the following Sunday's Liturgy, in the Social Service Centre, every Wed from 8pm to 9.20pm. - Errew, Derrywash, Ballyheane.**************************************************Children's Choir (Ages 9 - 12yrs)Rehearsals in the Parish Centre on Tuesday at 6.30pm.

From a surname which was originally derived from the name of a Scottish town meaning "projecting height" in Gaelic.

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