Filthy dating

They usually ended with me wanking myself and ending up with a hand full of sticky come.

One Wednesday night I was sitting watching TV while Rachel was studying and Sandra came and sat with me and we started talking.

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Filthy dating

We very rarely got past missionary position and once in a blue moon she would go down on me but she would never let me come in her mouth.

After several months she asked me to o to her house and meet her mother.

The first thing that I noticed about Sandra when I met her was how beautiful she was.

She was 45 years old, about 5’4″ tall, had short blonde hair, was a size 12 and had beautiful 34C tits.

I came to find out over time from Rachel that her father had run off with his secretary and that his affair and leaving had really hurt her mother Sandra.

Their marriage had never been very good and he had often hit Sandra but she had gotten used to it.I guessed that this was the reason why Rachel was sexually prudish.After hearing about that I felt sorry for Sandra but also had many dreams about her, imagining that I was her husband and that it was me who was fucking her and making her suck my cock.My relationship with Rachel was going well but trying to spice up the sexual side of it up a bit and make it more interesting, when her birthday came around I bought her a matching set of lingerie – bra, g-string and suspender belt and some stockings.When she opened the box that it was in she was horrified.The next night I was going over and was having dinner at Rachel’s house.

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