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A former Hong Kong care home warden involved in a sex scandal two years ago has been stripped of his directorship after a judge ruled his title would cause “irreparable damage” to the facility’s parent company.

Cheung Kin-wah was first arrested in 2014 for sexual offences involving mentally disabled female inmates under his care at the now-defunct Bridge of Rehabilitation Centre in Kwai Chung.

He encouraged her to pose for over a hundred photos and two sex videos, but Deng promised not to show to others and that he would deleted at any time at Miss X request.

While Cheer Holdings still runs four care homes in the city, Hong Kong Treasure owns various properties.

Cheung’s gambit prompted the company’s majority shareholders to take him, a minor shareholder with only seven per cent of the firm, to court.

In June of last year, defendant Deng Wei Xiong pleaded not guilty that from July to October the year before he blackmail Miss Yan Ng out of 20 thousand yuan and her sexual services.

Deng coerce the model to have sexual intercourse with him and to posing for more nude pictures and sex tapes involving him and the victim.

But Deng made sure she knew he was blackmailing her saying that if she failed to meet his requirements, everything would be release.

He start to ask her for money and he also asked her to introduce other girls to him for the exchange of compensated dating.

She ordered the Companies Registry to disregard the application Cheung had made, and prohibited Cheung from referring to himself as a director.

During the trial earlier this month, Au-Yeung heard that the criminal allegations against Cheung had provoked a public outcry and sparked a demonstration outside the Bridge of Rehabilitation when it was still operating.

Enjo-kōsai means "compensated dating" and is a practice which originated in Japan where older men agree to give money and/or luxury gifts to young attractive women for their companionship, and possibly sexual favors on the date.

By 2008 many girls were being blackmailed by him and it continued for another year.

As Miss X in court documents she recalled in 2006 when she first met with Deng in a "compensated" dating site.

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