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Kelly told staff members that he had learned the details of Mr.

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She said he told her that “someone had told him that there was a violent allegation and that was what was holding it up.” An F.

Porter that his security clearance “had not gone through,” as she recalled him saying.

Wray did not detail what was in the report or specify who at the White House received that information.

Wray’s testimony, two people briefed on the situation said the information delivered to the White House in March was only basic employment information, not allegations of abuse. Sanders said on Tuesday that information from the F. She said she was not aware that anyone at the security office disclosed in March to any official in the West Wing that there were problems with Mr.

They said security office officials encouraged the F. Kelly also told White House officials that he was willing to step down over his handling of the allegations. Porter had lied to them and deserved to be pushed out. Maggie Haberman contributed reporting from New York.

Porter’s background check to the security office and relayed that he was unlikely to succeed in receiving a permanent clearance. to complete its investigation so the office could make a final decision on Mr. The president added, “He also, as you probably know, says he is innocent, and I think you have to remember that.” Mr. Trump complained that a “mere allegation” could ruin someone without due process, White House aides fanned out to talk shows to say that Mr. director, contradicted the White House timeline and confirmed for the first time that the bureau had given the White House a partial report on problems in Mr. He also said the bureau had closed its investigation in January, though the White House had insisted that it was still continuing well into February.

would have been received by the White House personnel security office. Willoughby published a blog post titled “Why I Stayed,” in which she described an abusive marriage with Mr.

Porter later called her multiple times to demand that she remove the post.

The people briefed on the conversation said the woman did not claim physical abuse, but told Mr. The bureau “received some additional information” after the file was closed, he said, and passed that on to the White House as well. Wray said he was “quite confident” that established protocol was followed. Porter’s former wives, were published in The Daily Mail. Hicks worked with other White House officials to draft statements supporting Mr. Porter’s background investigation, and had not yet come to a conclusion when the allegations against Mr. In a statement, he said that “these allegations are simply false,” even as more details and photos said to be a result of the abuse circulated in a new interview published in The Intercept. Sanders also issued a statement saying that both the president and Mr. Porter’s background had been continuing until his resignation.“His background investigation was ongoing,” Mr. “He was operating on an interim security clearance.

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