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Moreover, the ban -- which came into force on 18th February 2005 -- saw disturbing threats of civil disobedience from hunt supporters, who claimed they will break the law to keep their tradition alive.

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Despite the success of the bill, things have not gone strictly as the Government had planned.

Tony Blair (the Labour Prime Minister at the time) had originally hoped to delay the implementation of the ban for two years (so it came into effect in July 2006) - Labour stated that this delay was to give the hunting community time to adjust to the closure of their pastime.

There are also claims that this ban 'will not save any foxes' and -- while missing the point somewhat -- if the situation in Scotland is anything to go by, this certainly seems probable.

On Wednesday 14th February 2002, Scottish MPs voted 83 to 36 in favour of an outright ban on fox hunting; the ban subsequently became law on the 1st August as the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002.

-- Control Methods -- The Cost of a Ban Hunting Deer with hounds Badger baiting Shark and Ray over-fishing and finning Conclusions Fox Hunting with Hounds Unless you happen to be a hermit living atop the Himalayas -- in which case, you're an unlikely reader for this site -- I'd wager that you've heard something of the furore that has erupted over Fox hunting with hounds here in England.

At 6pm (GMT) on Thursday 18th November 2004, MPs voted 321 to 204 in favour of an outright ban on hunting with hounds in England, ending some seven years of Political ping-pong between MPs and the House of Lords.

Following the restoration of the Monarchy in 1660, hunting grew as a sport, although game was the primary quarry.

The first British hunt was established during the 1670s in Yorkshire and, since then, a further 317 hound packs have been registered.

In 1993, Labour MP Tony Banks failed to get the hunting bill passed and, in 1995, Mc Namara’s bill passed its second reading, but failed in the House of Lords.

More recently, hunting with hounds was outlawed in Scotland in 2002.

The fox hunting season in the UK was from November to April, with autumn (or ‘cub’) hunts starting in August.

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