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Currently, the ICPCG brings together genome-wide linkage data from 11 international prostate cancer [PRCA (MIM 176807)] research groups comprising 1310 pedigrees.

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From the total of 1213 ICPCG pedigrees, 40 were identified with at least four confirmed PRCA cases and a pedigree-specific LOD score indicating at least nominal evidence for linkage to the chromosome 22q region.

University of Utah Group : Data collection was supported by USPHS CA90752 (to L.

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That is, multi-case pedigrees that exhibit at least nominally significant linkage evidence to a region of interest.

Previously, an analysis of 14 extended, high-risk Utah pedigrees localized in the chromosome 22q linkage region to 3.2 Mb at 22q12.3-13.1 (flanked on each side by three recombinants) contained 31 annotated genes.

uses a map system and allows its members to set their location on the map, therefore, it is possible to view the members who live on a specific geographical region.

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