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Cons are lagging a bit behind with graphics already, which may widen as time goes on. The Order: 1886 graphics wowed me but previews all seem negative, sort of a tech demo.

Also, of course what console mates have for online play is a factor.

I just read that Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox One has 30 players online, if a detailed open world like that can do it why can’t The Crew or any other racer for that matter?

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And I was okay with this, as it married the tighter controls of 4 with the slower pacing and suspense of earlier games – the perfect compromise.

But then everything just got rather silly, and the final third of the game was just a series of boss fights stitched together with bland, repetitive and wholly uninspired shoot-a-thons.

MCGa G1888 GC: You have it about right, including the minor difference the resolution makes.

Although we’ve had very few complaints about Play Station 4 controller faults and almost none about overheating.

Although sitting 8 feet away would anyone see the difference?!

I’ll just take the plunge and if it doesn’t work out can always sell it and jump ship to other console!

From what I gather the Play Station 4 pros are the extra horsepower, maybe better future-proofing, and Naughty Dog developing for them, the lead it has in the race too is also a factor for third party developers and exclusives.

Its cons are PSN network unreliability and talk of controller faults and overheating.

This was not down to the difficulty of some of the encounters (although some did have me pulling my hair out!

) but rather due to the fact that it just seemed like a different game.

So I’m no further on and read pretty much every comparison online and too many fanboy forums!

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