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You had to read the piece to find the candid admissions.

I may have tried to be coy, but her admissions have been re-quoted whenever Dusty’s sex-life has been written about.

Did I want to be responsible for ruining her career? At the same time, she was obviously keen to clear the air.

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Going on a short tour of South Africa in 1964 under the impression that she would be allowed to sing to black and white audiences sitting together, she refused to sing at all when told black fans wouldn’t be allowed into her concerts.

Despite days of cajoling by the South African authorities, she wouldn’t give in to bullying.

with her blonde beehive, panda eyes and effervescent love for life and music.

Then, out of nowhere, she found herself at the centre of an international row.

(During the credits a voice over says “Celebrity dates are subject to availability.”) Of historical note, “Bachelor #1” was Milt Kamen, a stand-up comic who was Sid Caesar’s TV stand-in and who allegedly invented many of the bits Caesar is famous for.

Never admitting that she was exclusively lesbian, and hating the idea that she might be thought of as a ‘big butch lady’, she happily talked about not being upset that girls ran after her a lot.

She could be self-destructive and what has repeatedly emerged during my research is that she suffered from a profound lack of self-confidence and as her life became increasingly cursed with periods of darkest depression.

When most of us first encountered Dusty on television at the beginning of the Sixties, singing with her brother Tom and a friend in the Springfields pop-folk trio, she seemed not to have a care in the world.

By the mid-Sixties she was the golden girl of British song, loved and widely fancied for her giggling charm and the way she lit up Friday night television's Ready Steady Go!

with her blonde beehive, panda eyes and effervescent love for life and music But she also had a steely ambition.

She was, she said, ‘perfectly as capable of being swayed by a girl as by a boy’.

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