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This came out of nowhere and took me completely unaware. Was I unintentionally overwhelmed by entering my third decade? But the point is that life moved on, I survived turning 30, and things are pretty damn great." Take Care of Your Skin: "Enjoy the wrinkles you do not have. But Botox the really shitty ones." "Clarisonic scrub your face every morning and night." "You MUST start using all of those anti-aging products, getting facials, etc. The people that hate you are not worth a second of your time, and you can't let them be.

The people that love you are worth all of your time, and you must let them be." "Giving advice to the most courageous woman I know is not easy.

I don't really know what else to say about that, except that I am way more excited about it than I ever knew I would be.

Since it feels so big and important, I asked friends of mine who have survived their thirtieth year to give me one piece of advice that they felt would be of value when I hit the big milestone.

Sweet girl, you have taken chances before reaching this milestone that many people are too fearful to take at 30 and beyond.

So, my advice to you is to continue to take chances. Keep your heart open to dreams." "I don't think that you know how infectious your laugh is.

If someone had told me that by 40 I'd have almost a decade of marriage under my belt and three kids that are not only out of diapers, but can read, spell, ride bikes, swim, go on roller coasters and tell me witty things that are actually legitimately funny, I'd have said, "no way, not in 10 short years." This decade is the decade where life comes together, whatever your "together" means for you. You'll be caught up in the whirlwind of life and it'll be easy to forget those who've helped mold you into the amazing woman you are... Which, if I've learned anything as I approach thirty it's to always listen to their advice. Treasure them, respect them, absorb as much of them as possible.

Why in the hell it took this long to know that, I have no idea. To give advice about an age or a day in time is difficult, since everyone and everyday is different. My life and all of its blessings are the result of my family.

His phone works, he got the text, his fingers are still text-worthy even though he's out of town, he's not that busy right now at work, you don't need to remind him about anything and he, mostly likely, did not die. and if he doesn't -- his judgment is just fucking BAD." Be kind to others: "Practice empathy.

There are always going to be days where someone pisses you off, does something stupid, says something inappropriate, etc.

Next, my wife (your mom) is where all things good are centered. Have faith in a greater good that you can believe in and that will believe in you.

She is my friend, confidante, adviser, conscious and soul every day of my life now and forever more. My children are my lifelong joys that make me smile, laugh, find a purpose when I doubt myself and are my reassurance that I am good, now, and when I am gone. Being filled with positive words, encouragement, and inspiration gives me energy every day.

If there are dreams you've not fulfilled yet, now is your time. As you turn 30, 31, 35, 86, 92 and 107, please don't stop laughing." "At 30 I grew a pair and felt empowered to speak up, strike out and most importantly, be humble and authentic in the same breath." Stop dating assholes: "Spend zero time and heartache on boys who are not worthy of your time, because they are, well, not worthy of your time." "My number one piece of advice as I reflect on my 20's is in regard to dating.

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