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We also highlight any famous people who share the same fatherline group as you.You will only receive this if you are a male because females don’t carry the Y chromosome – however, females will still get parts of their father's ancestry through their autosomal DNA.

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We put your ancestry into context showing your breakdown today (going back up to 10 generations), and also the spread of your ancestors at different points in history, showing how we are all connected.

The Living DNA test has given me the most accurate results of all the biogeographical ancestry tests I've taken so far.

The thinking is that we are more drawn to people who we are less related to because of our deep-seated distaste for incest.

What might be a more compelling intoxicant than gene strategy, however, is Pheramor’s sophisticated algorithms.

The idea here is that by utilizing your online life, Pheramor is building more accurate profiles than the typical cryptic Tinder bio.

There’s some logic in this; unless someone has been cultivating a fake personality online for years, it will probably be harder for users to manipulate their profiles when information is sourced from long-term social media use.

Our database is growing by the day and you will be updated with matches when new people join.

We believe you should always be in charge of what happens to your DNA.

We also highlight any famous people who share the same motherline group as you.

Through your Y-DNA, men can see the paths of their male ancestors and explore the history of their fatherline from the point in Africa when we all shared the same DNA until recent times.

“We are constantly smelling each other’s pheromone profiles and deciding subconsciously how attractive that individual is to us.”Theres just one problem: Human pheromones have never been proven to attract us to each other. Scientists have actually been arguing over the legitimacy of pheromones for decades.

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