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Recent Apple base stations allow WDS with WPA, though in some cases firmware updates are required.Firmware for the Renasis SAP36g super access point and most third party firmware for the Linksys WRT54G(S)/GL support AES encryption using WPA2-PSK mixed-mode security, and TKIP encryption using WPA-PSK, while operating in WDS mode.

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The only slowdown is the potential halving due to the half-duplex nature of wifi.

But network 2 gets an additional halving because the remote base station uses double the air time because it's retransmitting over-the-air packets that it has just received over-the-air.

However, this mode may not be compatible with other units running stock or alternate firmware. This device needs to send one packet to a WAN host, and get one packet in reply.

Network 1: A wireless base station acting as a simple (non-WDS) wireless router.

This is because wifi is an inherently half duplex medium and therefore any wifi device functioning as a repeater must use the Store and forward method of communication.

WDS may be incompatible between different products (even occasionally from the same vendor) since the IEEE 802.11-1999 standard does not define how to construct any such implementations or how stations interact to arrange for exchanging frames of this format.

This is the halving that is usually attributed to WDS, but that halving only happens when the route through a base station uses over-the-air links on both sides of it.

That does not always happen in a WDS, and can happen in non-WDS.

In order to accurately identify the true latency contribution of relaying through a wireless remote station vs.

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