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After completing this weekend workshop, you'll be better prepared to use Spark for real-world projects and problems such as learning to build a product recommender, or mining consumer sentiment and brand perception from user comments. This is an introductory course, so we don’t assume you know anything in particular about Spark.

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We offer scholarships based on merit, demonstrated financial need, and increasing participation in technology among underrepresented groups such as women, veterans, minorities, and people who identify as LGBT.

New to programming or feeling misdirected by self-teaching? This curriculum is designed to give you the fundamental building blocks of HTML, CSS and Java Script.

It’s a great way to quickly ramp up your data skills in just 2 days.

Basic working knowledge of the Python programming language and Unix commands is required.

With expert instructors, startups, and industry partners working side by side, there’s always someone to help you get unstuck or offer you new challenges to put your skills to the test.

After learning the fundamentals, we connect you with real development teams within our community so you walk out of the program with actual production experience.

Galvanize offers a 24-week Java Script coding bootcamp and a 12-week data science bootcamp with campuses in Austin, Boulder, Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle and New York City.

The web development bootcamp covers full stack Java Script including Angula JS, Node.js, and

In just 12 weeks, you'll learn the tools, techniques, and fundamental concepts you need to know to make an impact as a data scientist.

During the course of the program, you'll work through messy, real-world data sets to gain experience across the data science stack: data munging, exploration, modeling, validation, visualization, and communication.

After completing this weekend workshop, you’ll be better prepared to use Spark for real projects and problems on your own.

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