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Gleysn y gauaf- or coed wyrdd, thed wintergreen Glesyn y morlan- the sea lungwort Glesyn y mynydd- mountain bugle Glesyn y wiber- the vipers bugloss Glesyn y coed- yr olchenid, bruise-wort ot bugle borage Glesyn- a, what is blue, the common borage, peth glas, Bronwerth, llawnlys, tafod yr yeh, tafo lyfwch, wood blue In this case, the surname means simply of Glasson which is ultimately derived from an Old English term meaning bright or shining spot referring to the place name Glasson in Lancashire or the name may be derived from Old English meaning green/blue river and referring to the place name Glasson in Cumberland in northern England., Robert de Stonham, Henry Cartere of Stonham Antegan (1) to (2), all his lands and tenements in Stonham Antegan; to hold of chief lords of fee by accustomed services. Witnesses: Edmund Sengloue, Gilbert Money, William Money, John Jeffrey, (1) quitclaims to (2), all lands and tenements called Parles tenement in Stonham Aspale [Stonham Aspal], belonging to (1) after death of Robert Note her father, by right of inheritance; to hold of chief lords of fee by accustomed services. Given at Stonham Aspale, Friday after feast of St Matthew, 6 Hen. (1) quitclaim to (2), all lands and tenements in Stonham Aspale all lands which they lately had jointly with Robert Wynde by feoffment of Margery Thorp and Emma Wynde; to hold of chief lords of fee by accustomed services. on land called Qwytes; which (1) formerly had jointly with Robert Feldegate by gift of Sir John Heuenyngham, kt; to hold of chief lords of fee by accustomed services. on close called Rasshcroft, formerly of Robert Note, which (1) lately had jointly by feoffment of William Grenehood and William Mowney; 2 pieces of land lying together in Stonham Aspale between land formerly of Henry de Stonham, chaplain and land formerly of John Ook on 1 side and land of Stonham Rectory and land late of Robert Feldegate on other side, 1 head abutting on way called Mellewey, other head on land formerly of J. 1756 (I did not pay to get complete copy) Published 1929 by the Society- excerpts from this book- listed at did not pay to see whole page from this book, thus just have page #s or excerpts of Glissons listed Pg 127 ? of Rampisham living in Marnhull at this time, his son William Glisson Jr. Chew Magna if just a few miles south of Bristol, Walter Glisson married Anne Vele (my note: son of Henry Glisson of Bristol who left will 1688 nameing sons Henry, Walter and dau Ann.) William Glisson baptized son of Walter & Anne Walter Glissone buried /1703 (my note: not sure if this is Walter who married Ann Vele, or if an infant son of Walter & Anne) Lots of Vele, Veale, records going back to 1500s Son of Henry Glisson Jr. Whereas by my said will concerning my real estate and by two several indentures of lease and release therein mentioned and recited I have conveyed settled and assured diverse messuages lands and tenements in the parishes of St Giles in the Fields and St Clement Danes in the County of Middlesex in the said indentures or last will mentioned in a certain and successive order unto certain persons therein named and by the said indentures and will more fully may appear.

William Harvey and his brother Eliab of the first part Heneage Finch and Geffrey Palmer of the second part and Dr. at Liverpool, Saint Peter, Lancashire son of William Glisson Mary Glissen c. Marys-rc, Lancashire dau of Wm Glissen Nicholas Glisson c. Marys-rc, Lancashire son of William & Sarah Glisson Sarah Glisson c. at Stepney, Spitafields Christ Church, London dau of John & Mary Glissing Margaret Glisson c. Having explored the passage for some yards, we turned aside into a small chasm, just large enough to admit my body with a great deal of squeezing, and which, as we advanced, did not permit me to go on all fours. my whole and sole executrix of this my last will and testament and I give to her not only that moity of the farms of Rampisham which I now have in possession but all of that other moity of the said farms which is the same farm given to me after the death of my father have and to hold the first moity of to her home, execution administration and assigns from and after the time of my demise dividing all the and time and home granted by the original will there of unto my said father under the conditions in the said original will January the and fourteenth anno of 1642.

ELECTS- That the following ten Fellows shall be Elects: Sir Edward Alston, Sir Francis Prujean, Baldwin Hamey, Between Dr. at Saint Peter Mancroft, Norfolk dau of Israel & Elisabeth Glyson Danll Glisson c. at Ansford, Somerset son of John & Mary Glisson Mary Louisa Glissing c. The sides of the rock were here covered with beautiful stalactites, very similar to what I have seen in a cavern at a village in called Palo, near Folingo, but much more delicate. estate title interest & terme of yeares yet to come & not expired of in & to my garden grounds & orchard ???? Therewith I have my executor hereunto mentioned to perform in and observe a private manner and as suddenly after my death and possibly she may offer therein in an manner of of but an any token of therefore I do wish in my burial hand so much in that my will is to the intent that this same may prove sufficient to stop the of all and shall after my death to again mind executrix for burying a manner.

Joseph Glisson married to Elizabeth Gane at St Peter Church in Evercreech, groom age 22, bachelor, occupation Groom, abode Shepton Mallet, father Thomas Glisson, Groom Bride age 29, Spinster, occ dress maker, abode Evercreech, father John Gane, sawyer, Banns, Witnesses: John Gane, Joseph Gane, Jane Gane, & Mary Ann Cox, File#5654 Reg#132. Brislington, formerly in Somerset, lies about two miles from Bristol on the road to Bath. That is to say upon the twenty fifth day of December five pounds upon the twenty fifth day of March another five pounds upon the twenty fifth day of June another five pounds and upon the twenty fifth day of September yearly another five pounds.

Mary Elizabeth Glisson married to Edwin Knight at St Peter & Paul Church in Wincanton, groom bacherlor, occ labourer, abode Wincanton father Henry Knight, bride spinster, abode Wincanton, father Robert Glisson deceased, banns, Witnesses: Samuel Rogers & M. Rogers, File#5611 Reg#368 Herbert William Glisson married to Selina Hardy at St James Church in Chillington groom parish St Pauls Bristol, Bachelor, occupation letter carrier, bride parish Chillington, Spinster, Edwards, File#11289 Joeseph Herbert Glisson married to Louisa Jane Palmer at Holy Trinity Church, Frome, groom age 28, bachelor, occupation coachman, abode Christ Church St, father Joseph Glisson, coachman, bride age 26, spinster, abode Grope Ln, father Wiliam Palmer, warehouseman, deceased, Banns, Witnesses: Philip Henry Palmer, Emily Jane Glisson, File#5422 John Thomas Glisson married to Mrs Annie Mitchell Hutchingson at St Peters Church in Twerton, groom age 39 widower, occupation foreman Coachman, abode Frome, Bride age 27 Spinster, abode Twerton, groom father Joseph Glisson occ cab proprietor, bride father Thomas Hutchingson, occ builder, Witnesses: Charles Watson Palmer & Louisa Jane Glisson, Lic File#11435 Mary Glisson to John Saunders Jn at Bath & Wells Diocese, Somerset License Mary Glisson to John Hall Jn 1687 at Bath & Wells Diocese, Somerset, License Thomas Glisson to Joan Haiward 1704 Bath & Wells Diocese, Somerset, License William Glisson to Mary OKedonat Bath & Wells Diocese, Somerset, License John Glesson to Elz Edgly 1716 at Bath & Wells Diocese, Somerset, License John Glesson to Elizabeth Edgley 1716 at Bristol Cathedral, Gloucester, marriage Israel Glesson to Mtha Paget 1730 at Bath & Wells Diocese, Somerset, License Israel Glesson to Mary Hasel 1743 at Bath & Wells Diocese, Somerset, License Samuel Glison to Ann Clarke on at St John the Baptist, Yeovil, Somerset An Glisson to Samuel Hoskines at Yeovil, St John Walter Glisson to Anne Vele at Chew Magna, St Andrews Wm Glisson to Mary ? Prisoners executed for high treason: Samuel Hilliard, Nath. The area round the church is still called the Village but in antiquity there were hamlets at the Rock, West Town and Sandy and these names are still preserved. The first due or delivery of the same to be made upon such of the said quarter days as shall first and next happen after my decease provided nevertheless and on this condition ...

John Emrygale of Hadlegh (1) to (2), all lands and tenements in Batisford which they lately had by feoffment of William Pope of Nedham Market, as appears more fully in charter dated 9 Jun. Witnesses: Richard Bragstrete, Henry Lucas, William Baldry, Henry Parysh, John Cook and others. and highway called Peekham strete on N., 1 head abutting E. to Ann Dickinson at Liverpool, Saint Nicholas, Lancashire Edward Glison m. Beard had his men, Robert Brown and William Cuff, working for him removing bone material until the 29th May, 1838. There are many trenches and mined features along the plane of Sandford Hill that it would be difficult to identify the actual pit, many of which were worked as late as the mid-20th century. And I do give unto Trinity Hall in Cambridge aforesaid a piece of plate of the value of six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence with the Arms of the said Hall and my Arms and as of my gist engraven thereupon.

(1491); to hold of chief lords of fees for accustomed services. (1) to (2), cottage lying in Cretyng St Mary between land of Hugh Kyrspyn on S. on rectory of Cretyng St Mary; which (1) lately had jointly with Thomas Hunne and John Baldry now deceased, by grant of William Havell and H. Witnesses: Thomas Heigham, Capital Bailiff, John Ayleward, William Moor, Thomas Lemynor. to Judith Hogan at Winchester, Saint Thomas, Hampshire Ann Glisson m. to Grace Gerrard at Bedminister, Dorset James Glisson m. Having been buried alive for more than two hours, I was glad to revisit the regions of mortality, though completely bruised and battered in every part of my body. (note 81) The site was still open in 1863 at the time of James Parker's visit. And I do give and bequeath unto Caius College in the University of Cambridge (of which I was formerly a fellow) two pieces of plate each of them of the value of six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence with the Arms of the said College and my Arms and as of my gist engraven thereupon.

Redgeman, of Bury & 1 grange & 1 garden adjacent in Bury suburbs, outside Westgate (abuttals. William Harvey conveys the said premises to the use of the College and after his death to the said Heneage Finch, etc. RCP-LEGAC/SR 10A box 4/4- date: 1 April 1673 was one of the illustrious few who instituted weekly meetings in London to promote inquires into natural and experimental philosophy, from which, after the Restoration, the Royal Society came into being, Glisson of course being a member. LB/OP/11/10- date:1755 Charities, Documents relating to Thomas Mundays Charity File- (no title)- ref P/St. That Margaret Bamfield was son of Richard Bamfield of Chilforme, Dorset, England, who could have been the Richard son of Richard Bamfield & Elizabeth Sydenham b. The Visitation of County of Dorset, Taken in the year 1623 by Henry St. London 1885, Reprinted by the Harlean Society- To see copy of below Visitations see Glisson of county Suffolk, son Walter of Bristoll wife Jane dau of Cooke of Bristoll, Cooke dau of Gourney, Issue: (1) Eliz married Thos Bryne of Bristoll, (2) Israell married Marian dau of Geo Gough of Howerfield of county Glouchester, (3) Mary married Wm Ellis of Bristoll, (4) William of Rampisham. Stepney, Spitafields Christ Church, London, dau of John & Harriett Glissing Gerrard William Glisson c. The rock (a limestone) was so hard, that our tools were unequal to procure me the specimens I wanted, and I was sorry to find those we saw had been much defaced by Cornish miners, who, in trying for copper a few years ago broke off the finest pieces to send to their friends. Source: TNA, PROB 11/245 If you came to this page directly, then you might want to know that I have additional family history information on my website.

Edward Alston President of the College, Lawrence Wright, Francis Prujean, Sir Maurice Williams, Baldwin Hamey, , Elects, John Bathurst, George Ent, George Bate, John Micklewaite, Jonathan Goddard and Edward Emeley, Fellows of the College, and others of the third part whereby for the consideration therein mentioned the said Dr. WARWICK LANE, THE FELLOWS HOUSE, North Side of Court Yard File- & others to Robert Hooke, of a toft piece or parcel of round situate and being on the North side of the court yard of the College for a term of 61 years for a yearly rent of on pepper corn. Moore, bookseller in Duke Street, Covent Garden, and his brother living in Holborn, and Wm Smith, of Islington, Schoolmaster, the above persons to be brought before the House. Walter Glisson bought land in Bath from Lacy, Israel Glisson bought land in Brislington from Sir Rowland Lacy, and the above John Hoskin who married Ursula Lacy was brother of Henry Hoskin (Hoskyns) who married Mary Glisson dau of William Glisson & Mary Hancock. at Newington, Saint Mary, Surrey dau of John & Margaret Glisson Somerset son of Thomas Gliston & Mary Rapson Emmeline Mary Ann Glissing c. I was obliged to crawl like a snake, and could not have proceeded much further, as I found my breath getting short from the fatigue and heat of the place; but was at last relieved by reaching a large arched room most beautifully covered with sparry incrustations. Transcribed will of Alice Glesson The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

1 garden in Bury suburbs outside Westgate (abuttals. Ed.; E: grange of John Bullok, & garden of Simon Waryn,; W: land of convent), (as in feoffment, dated 20 Mar. IV (1482/3), by John Bullok, wheelwright, John Mase, & Thomas Fuller, corvoser) Attorney for grantors: John Pyee. & William Helperby, bailiffs, Edmond Baker, Thomas Fuller, The contents of this catalogue are the copyright of Northumberland Record Office Rights in the Access to Archives database are the property of the Crown, 2001-2006 To find out more about the archives described below, contact Northumberland Record Office , commissioners to the Rt. ITEM, one other close of pasture lying a little beyond the two closes aforesaid westward, containing about three akers more or lesse called The bean close, bounded on the East parte thereof with the Middlefield aforesaid, on the South and West with the highway leading from Burton street to Sturminster Newton and on the North with the highway aforesaid from Stallbride to Shaston. The lost cave was found by miners associated with and who accompanied Catcott on his visit on May 19th, 1757. (note 79) Accompanied by the farmer on whose land the cave entrance lay C. H met the guide who cleared the brambles spanning over the entrance. Source: TNA, PROB 11/156 If you came to this page directly, then you might want to know that I have additional family history information on my website.

Eds., William Leyr, gent., & William Nunne, lymeno, to Thomas Lacy, grocer, John Jeverys, gent, John Berywey, goldsmith, John Revell', merchant, & William Purpyll', grocer. ITEM, two little Closes neere adjoining to the howsing aforesaid on the west side thereof, called The higher and lower groues, containing both of them together about fower akers more or lesse, bounded on the East pte thereof with the greater of the two barnes aforesaid and the garden wall of the South and West with the Middle field, and on the North with the highway from Stallbridge to Shaston. (note 78) The second, that open today, was found by quarrying in 1862 and its discovery was widely reported in the local press; it bears no resemblance to the lost site. His account of experiences and an outline description of the cave was published in the Gentleman's Magazine. In his will he bequests debt of sale and or rent of property of his late son William to his wife, and to Williams wife Ellinor both under the condition of remaining a widow or upon their decease property to go to his grandchildren 1 The original document can be obtained online from The National Archives.

lately had by gift of Robert Wynde of Stonham Comitis [Earl Stonham]; to hold of chief lords of fee by accustomed services, on condition of payment of 14 marks (2 marks at feast of St Michael in 2nd year after present date, and 2 marks at each subsequent feast of St Michael), and 6 marks at feast of St Michael next after death of W. to William Giles at Westminster, Saint Martin in the Fields, London Hannah Glyson m. In 1758 , gentleman, signed a lease for a year for 5 shillings regarding a messuage, malthouse, barn, stables, and Outhouses in Kingston, Yeovil, 24 acres of pasture near Marsh, Green Moore 2 acres and 3 acres of pasture ground in Perry Thorne. And I do give and bequeath unto the said do take effect or that I do not pay the same in my lifetime the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds but if the said marriage does not take effect then my Will is she shall have the sum of one hundred pounds only.

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