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Kenneth Leonor,a part-time magician, had spent three hours waiting for the climax of the stunt at the Wollman ice rink and said he was short changed.'I think it was ridiculous,' Leonor said.'Everybody was robbed of their time.

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But the scheduled time was put back 15 minutes while TV stations broadcast President Bush's address on the economy.

In that time, claimed Blaine, the wind picked up and producers of his TV special advised him against the spectacular ending.

His previous stunts have included standing on a 100ft pole for 35 hours, living for a week buried in a glass tank 'coffin', and encasing himself in a six-tonne block of ice for more than 60 hours.

David Blaine is a famous magician, illusionist and endurance artist of American Origin.

'I started getting adjusted to it so it became much easier to do.'Critics said the 'Dive of Death' title was deliberately misleading.

There was no dive and thanks to regular breaks when he was allowed to stand upright little risk of death.Knowing French models rep, you know Alizee has a couple of pictures showing her breast which is no biggie but you won’t find any of those here.Angela Jones Angela Jones is the newly wed who recently tied the knot to British actor, Matthew Lewis –whom you know best as the actor who portrayed Neville Longbottom in the "Harry Potter" films. [Read The Whole Story...] The couple dated for several years before they became engaged in 2009, when she was just 23 and David 36 years old.During the show he was injured when the cup slipped and the bullet shattered his mouthguard, cutting the throat.Currently, David Blaine is busy with his several other shows and unbelievable magic ticks which really is beyond the magic.television personalitymagician New York New York City Madonna Brooklyn American magician Highest Paid Magicians Alizee Guinochet French model Dessa Blaine Lonneke Engel Mallory Snyder Manon von Gerkan Daryl Hannah Josie Maran Fiona Apple David Blaine White Willian Perez Patrice Maureen White John Bukalo Passaic Valley Regional High School NBC television show David Blaine: Street Magic Drowned Alive Stunt Lincoln Center Yale University David Blaine: Real or Magic Beyond Magic David Blaine: What Is Magic?But what has been keeping busy the pro illusionist?

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