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There are no messages added to /var/log/messages and I don't know where else to look to start debugging the problem.This is strange because that network start script runs without error at boot time.Thanks Miguel =20 Hi, Can you post the output ypu get from dmesg after the driver loads? Please, ask developers to submit it to madwifi CVS (I did, but without success).

That’s why we will make sure that any APK is from its official manufacture.

We use “Certificate Fingerprint” to check who published the APK file.

Also, there should be more than one module loading. WPC55AG has atheros chipset and the adapter works perfectly fine with madwifi (on Fedora Core 4).

Matt --=20 Time exists so that everything doesn't happen at once,=20 space exists so that everything doesn't happen to you. I did the following settings on both the laptops: Laptop 1: Using iwconfig: essid =3D myadhoc, mode =3D Ad-hoc Using ifconfig: IP Address - (static address) Netmask - Gateway - Laptop 2: Using iwconfig: essid =3D myadhoc, mode =3D Ad-hoc Using ifconfig: IP Address - (static address) Netmask - Gateway - When I started the wireless interfaces on both the laptops, initially, both had different cell values.

After restarting the interface a couple times on one of the laptops, both cell values became the same.

However, when I tried pinging from one laptop to the other laptop, I got the ping error "Destination Host Unreachable". After scanning the wireless network with "iwlist ath0 scan", I got just 1 result which was: [CODE] Cell 01 - Address: : ESSID: "" ... The only place to search multiple dating sites at= once.| Dear All, I seem to have my ACX111-chipped Netgear cardbus NIC working quite well on my old-ish Toshiba laptop (kernel: 2.6.12-1.1372_FC3) except that I can't restart my network.When I run /etc/init.d/network restart (or stop and then start) my computer freezes -keyboard & mouse locked up.The latest update of the app was launched on July 14, 2013 and this application was downloaded by over 10K users.On Google Play, Online Dating Directory has been rated 3.7 by its users.As the following picture shows, the APK file is from Google Play.

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