Dating yukari

Despite making Junichi her "slave", she started to have feelings for him, as to the point of telling him to make him hers and erasing her "black personality" for him, but Junichi tells her that he loves her just the way she is.

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Tsukasa is accused of flirting with Junichi while planning the Christmas school festival. Everyone begins to hate her, confirming her cynical belief that people liked her just because she was a class representative.

Junichi becomes her sole pillar of emotional support, and later Kaoru joins in defending her.

She quits being a class representative and forgets about her perfect image.

On the night of the school Christmas festival, she and Tachibana sneak into the school and celebrate their own party there. Her true personality is never revealed and she never quits being a class representative. She hugs Junichi under the Christmas tree in front of everyone.

However, despite many photos being taken by Junichi, only the plain photo is used for her poster.

The special event ends with Tsukasa stealing Junichi's hidden photos of her from his pocket.

In her route, she is a hard working class representative.

Image is extremely important to her and acts kindly towards others.

There's a myth that whoever hugs under the tree becomes happy forever.

Many years later, Junichi and Tsukasa visit the school.

Her innocent behavior is just an act to cover up her true self which is very manipulative and cunning, to the extreme of blackmailing the main character in the PS2 game (Junichi in the anime).

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